Uttararcika-Chapter 10 >> Section 10

ओ३म् श्रायन्त इव सूर्यं विश्वेदिन्द्रस्य भक्षत।
वसूनि जातो जनिमान्योजसा प्रति भागं न दीधिमः॥१३१९
English:- Just as the rays of light share and diffuse the radiance of the sun, so you too share and reflect the golden glories of Indra, the cosmic soul. Let us meditate on the divine presence and for our share enjoy the ecstasy of bliss vibrating in the world of past and future creation by virtue of Indra's omnipresent majesty. (Rigved 8-99-3)
ओ३म् अलर्षिरातिं वसुदामुप स्तुहि भद्रा इन्द्रस्य रातय।
यो अस्य कामं विधतो न रोषति मनो दानाय चोदयन्॥१३२०
English:- Adore and meditate on Indra, giver of wealth, honour, excellence and bliss. Infinite is his generosity, unsatiating, auspicious his gifts. He does not displease the devotee, does not hurt his desire and prayer, he inspires his mind for the reception of divine gifts. (Rigved 8-99-4)
ओ३म् यत इन्द्र भयामहे ततो नो अभयं कृधि।
मघवन्छग्धि तव तन्न ऊतये वि द्विषो वि मृधो जहि॥१३२१
English:- Indra, lord indomitable, whoever, whatever and wherever we fear, make us fearless from that. O lord of might and world power, pray strengthen us with your powers and protections of the highest order for our safety and advancement. Eliminate the jealous, the malignant, the disdainers and contemners. (Rigved8-61-13)
ओ३म् त्व हि राधस्पते राधसो मह क्षयस्यासि विध्रत्ता।
तं त्वा वयं मघवन्निन्द्र गिर्वणः सुतावन्तो हवामहे॥१३२२
English:- Indra, lord of the world's wealth, munificence and achievement, you alone are the protector, and promoter of the wealth, grandeur, home and honour of the supplicant worshipper. O lord of all power and honour, adored and worshipped in hymns of glory, we invoke, invite and exalt you for the munificence and grandeur of life you grant, protect and advance. (Rigved 8-61-14)