Uttararcika-Chapter 12 >> Section 6

ओ३म् अभि वायुं वीत्यर्षा गृणानो३ऽभि मित्रावरुणा पूयमानः।
अभी नरं धीजवन रथेष्ठामभीन्द्रं वृषणं वज्रबाहुम्॥१४२६
English:- O Soma, pure and purifying, resounding across the spaces, flow, sung and celebrated, and bring peace, progress and fulfilment to humanity, to the man of vibrant enthusiasm, to the man of love and judgement. To humanity, bring readiness of intellect and understanding, firm and undisturbed yet dynamic like a master of the chariot sitting at peace, unmoving and undisturbed, while the chariot may be speeding at the velocity of light. So also flow to Indra, master ruler of the arms of thunder, virile and generous, mighty yet calm. (Rigved 9-97-49)
ओ३म् अभि वस्त्रा सुवसनान्यर्षाभि धेनू सुदुघा पूयमानः।
अभि चन्द्रा भर्त्तवे नो हिरण्याभ्यश्वान्रथिनो देव सोम॥१४२७
English:- O refulgent Soma, pure and purifying, sung and celebrated, bring us vestments of beauty and grace, cows, abundant and fertile, words of knowledge brilliant, deep and creative, bring us golden graces of beauty and soothing vitality for sustenance and success, bring us the energy and motive powers for our chariot of corporate life. (Rigved 9-97-50)
ओ३म् अभी नो अर्ष दिव्या वसून्यभि विश्वा पार्थिवा पूयमानः।
अभि येन द्रविणमश्नवामाभ्यार्षेयं जमदग्निवन्न॥१४२८
English:- O Soma, pure and purifying spirit and power of divinity, bring us celestial honour and excellence and the peaceful shelter of divinity, all materials of the world's wealth and power by which, like people of divine vision, we may attain to the universal wealth and virtue of the universe worthy of the sages of divine imagination. (Rigved 9-97-51)
ओ३म् यज्जायथा अपूर्व्य मघवन्वृत्रहत्याय।
तत्पृथिवीमप्रथयस्तदस्तभ्ना उतो दिवम्॥१४२९
English:- O lord of glory, Indra, matchless without precedent, when you rise for the elimination of darkness, then you manifest the wide space and plan the heaven, earth and sky in their place in the cosmic order. (Rigved 8-89-5)
ओ३म् तत्ते यज्ञो अजायत तदर्क उत हस्कृतिः।
तद्विश्वमभिभूरसि यज्जातं यच्च जन्त्वम्॥१४३०
English:- And then proceeds the cosmic yajna, formation of light, sun and the joyous agni and vayu. And thus you remain and rule as the Supreme over what has come into being and what is coming into being. (Rigved 8-89-6)
ओ३म् आमासु पक्वमैरय आ सूर्य रोहयो दिवि।
घर्मं न सामं तपता सुवृक्तिभिर्जुष्टं गिर्वणसे बृहत्॥१४३१
English:- You move the ripening flow of sap in the veins of maturing forms of life. You raise and place the sun in the high heaven. O celebrants, as in the heat of fire, temper and shine your sama songs of adoration and, with noble hymns of praise, sing resounding Brhat samans of worship with love in honour of adorable Indra. (Rigved 8-89-7)
ओ३म् मत्स्यपायि ते मह पात्रस्येव हरिवो मत्सरो मद।
वृषा ते वृष्ण इन्दुर्वाजी सहस्रसातमः॥१४३२
English:- Indra, lord of energy and paradisal bliss, rejoice. You have drunk of the great and exhilarating soma, the divinity and ecstasy of life fresh from the very flask of existence. Vibrant lord of the knights of horse, that joy of the drink of life is exciting, the very thrill of being. Lord virile and generous, you are the shower of bliss and that soma is soothing like the moon, tempestuous as waves of energy, yes, and a thousand-fold invitation to live, the call of life, for you. (The call of life is the call of existence for the human soul too to be born into this wonderful world of beauty, joy and peace.) (Rigved 1-175-1)
ओ३म् आ नस्ते गन्तु मत्सरो वृषा मदो वरेण्यः।
सहावा इन्द्र सानसि पृतनाषाडमर्त्यः॥१४३३
English:- O for a draught of soma, that exciting, energising, ecstatic, cherished, strengthening, invigorating and immortal nectar of yours, Indra, which leads us on to victory over all the antilife forces of the world! May it come to us in plenty! (Rigved1-175-2)
ओ३म् त्व हि शूर सनिता चोदयो मनुषो रथम्।
सहावान्दस्युमव्रतमोष पात्रं न शोचिषा॥१४३४
English:- Indra, ruler and protector of the world, great you are, valiant and generous, dispenser, disposer, giver and unifier. Inspire and accelerate the chariot of humanity. Heroic and courageous lord of challenges, burn the lawless brute with your light and lustre of justice as the blaze of fire burns an empty vessel on the hearth (because there is nothing in it except its empty self). (Rigved 1-175-3)