Uttararcika-Chapter 19 >> Section 3

ओ३म् अग्निं तं मन्ये यो वसुरस्तं यं यन्ति धेनव।
अस्तमर्वन्त आशवोस्तं नित्यासो वाजिन इष स्तोतृभ्य आ भर॥१७३७
English:- Agni is that power and presence of energy, I believe, which pervades everything and in which and by which all things abide and function. The cows abide in it, move by it and end up into it. Horses abide in it, move by it and end into it. So do all fast moving streams and objects, permanent forms, and all forms of energy move by it and retire into it. O scholar of Agni, universal energy, produce and bring up food and energy for the celebrants and supplicants for Agni. This energy is originally set in motion by Agni, the Cosmic omnipotent Spirit. (In the mantra agni is described as astam, i.e., set into motion.) (Rigved5-6-1)
ओ३म् अग्निर्हि वाजिनं विशे ददाति विश्वचर्षणिः।
अग्नी राये स्वाभुव स प्रीतो याति वार्यमिष स्तोतृभ्य आ भर॥१७३८
English:- Agni, light and energy of existence, alone provides fast modes of transport for the people. Studied and developed for wealth, Agni provides automatic and self-sustaining energy for the people. O scholar scientist, create and bring choice foods and energies for the celebrants and supplicants. (Rigved 5-6-3)
ओ३म् सो अग्निर्यो वसुर्गृणे सं यमायन्ति धेनव।
समर्वन्तो रघुद्रुव स सुजातास सूरय इष स्तोतृभ्य आ भर॥१७३९
English:- That is Agni which is the abiding power, pervasive and moving force, and that is what I study and celebrate. The cows and horses, stars and planets and the rays of light, and sound and word come from, move by and go unto it, from which and into which and by which the slow moving ones move and function; and by which and toward which brave and eminent scholars rise to fame and create and produce the wealth of food and energy for the celebrants and supplicants. (Rigved 5-6-2)
ओ३म् महे नो अद्य बोधयोषो राये दिवित्मती।
यथा चिन्नो अबोधयः सत्यश्रवसि वाय्ये सुजाते अश्वसूनृते॥१७४०
English:- O dawn, lady of morning light brilliant with splendour, arouse us and enlighten us today for the achievement of grandeur, wealth and excellence of life as you have been the giver of enlightenment and generosity ever before, O majesty of renown, symbol of life's extension, nobly born, commander of the nation's power, achievement and love of noble truth. (Rigved 5- 79-1)
(Swami Dayananda interprets this mantra as an address to the lady of the house.)
ओ३म् या सुनीथे शौचद्रथे व्यौच्छो दुहितर्दिवः।
सा व्युच्छ सहीयसि सत्यश्रवसि वाय्ये सुजाते अश्वसूनृते॥१७४१
English:- Daughter of the light of heaven, lady of justice and moral guidance who ride a chariot of pure brilliance, as you have shone before, so may you ever shine now and after in future, O lady, forbearing and challenging, renowned for truth and righteousness, extensive, nobly born and blest with prosperity, achievement and discrimination between truth and untruth of thought and speech. (Rigved 5-79-2)
ओ३म् सा नो अद्याभरद्वसुर्व्युच्छा दुहितर्दिवः।
यो व्यौच्छ सहीयसि सत्यश्रवसि याय्ये सुजाते अश्वसूनृते॥१७४२
English:- May she, daughter of the light of heaven, harbinger of all wealth, establish us today in the light of life. She is most forbearing, dedicated to truth and prosperity, lovable, nobly born, the enlightened lady of knowledge and eternal truth who herself shines in splendour. (Rigved 5-79-3)
ओ३म् प्रति प्रियतम रथं वृशणं वसुवाहनम्।
स्तोता वामश्विनावृषि स्तोमेभिर्भूषति प्रति माध्वी मम श्रुत हवम्॥१७४३
English:- Ashvins, leading lights of humanity, the celebrant visionary of life's reality and mantric meaning, adores your achievement in befitting words of song in response to the beauty of your dearest chariot which is the carrier and harbinger of showers of wealth and well being. O creators and makers of the sweets of existence, the celebrant prays: Listen to my song of adoration and accept the invitation to live and create the joy of life. (Rigved5-75-1)
ओ३म् अत्यायातमश्विना तिरो विश्वा अह सना।
दस्रा हिरण्यवर्त्तनी सुषुम्णा सिन्धुवाहसा माध्वी मम श्रुत हवम्॥१७४४
English:- Ashvins, leading lights of life in existence, destroyers of suffering, harbingers of peace and prosperity, creators of honey sweets, listen to my prayer: Come over regions of earth across the spaces, travelling by golden chariots over golden highways, navigating by rivers and oceans, so that I may cross all hurdles of existence and live as the immortal that I am. (Rigved 5-75-2)
ओ३म् आ नो रत्नानि बिभ्रतावश्विना गच्छतं युवम्।
रुद्रा हिरण्यवर्त्तनी जुषाणा वाजिनीवसू माध्वी मम श्रुत हवम्॥१७४५
English:- Ashvins, come you both to us, bearing jewel wealths of life; come, O Rudras, dispensers of justice and punishment, travelling by golden chariot over golden highways, loving and listening partners, givers of food, energy and speedy progress, creators of the sweets of life, come in response to our invocation and listen to our prayer. (Rigved 5-75-3)