Uttararcika-Chapter 2 >> Section 5

ओ३म् अस्य प्रत्नामनु द्युत शुक्रं दुदुह्रे अह्रयः।
पय सहस्रसामृषिम्॥७५५
English:- Men of vision and science of yajna, in pursuit of the ancient and eternal Vedic tradition of this lord of light, peace and purity, distil the brilliant, pure and powerful and visionary knowledge of a thousandfold nourishing and inspiring gifts of existence.(Rigved9-54-1)
ओ३म् अय सूर्य इवोपदृगय सरासि धावति।
सप्त प्रवत आ दिवम्॥७५६
English:- This Soma, like the sun, all watching and illuminating, sets rivers, seas and energies aflow, pervading therein on earth and in the seven-fold light of the sun upto the regions of light. (Rigved 9-54-2)
ओ३म् अयं विश्वानि तिष्ठति पुनानो भुवनोपरि।
सोमो देवो न सूर्य॥७५७
English:- This Soma, lord of light, peace and power, pure and purifying, pervades all regions of the universe in and above, like the divine light which illuminates all regions of the universe. (Rigved 9-54-3)
ओ३म् एष प्रत्नेन जन्मना देवो देवेभ्य सुत।
हरि पवित्रे अर्षति॥७५८
English:- This divine spirit since its timeless manifestation, revealed and manifested for the divines, arises in the pure hearts of humanity, eliminating pain and suffering. (Rigved 9-3-9)
ओ३म् एष प्रत्नेन मन्मना देवो देवेभ्यस्परि।
कविर्विप्रेण वावृधे॥७५९
English:- This divine Soma, light and vision of the world, self-realised by the sages and glorified with ancient and eternal hymns of the Veda, vibrates for them in the heart and soul and sanctifies them with showers of heavenly bliss. (Rigved 9-42-2)
ओ३म् दुहान प्रत्नमित्पय पवित्रे परि षिच्यसे।
क्रन्दं देवा अजीजनः॥७६०
English:- Creating the eternal life-giving food of divine ecstasy for the soul, the presence of blissful Soma vibrates in the heart of the celebrant and, calling out as if loud and bold, awakens the dormant divine potentialities of the devotee to active possibilities. (Rigved 9-42-4)
ओ३म् उप शिक्षापतस्थुषो भियसमा धेहि शत्रवे।
पवमान विदा रयिम्॥७६१
English:- O lord of purity, those who stay far off, bring close and instruct; those who are negative, strike with fear; bring wealth, honour and excellence for life.(Rigved 9-19-6)
ओ३म् उपो षु जातमप्तुरं गोभिर्भङ्गं परिष्कृतम्।
इन्दुं देवा अयासिषुः॥७६२
English:- Soma, spirit of beauty, grace and glory, divinely created, nobly born, zealous, destroyer of negativity, beatified and celebrated in songs of divine voice, the noblest powers of nature and humanity adore, share and enjoy. (Rigved9-61-13)
ओ३म् उपास्मै गायता नर पवमानायेन्दवे।
अभि देवा इयक्षते॥७६३
English:- O leading lights of humanity, to win the wealth of life's joy, work and sing in thanks and adoration for this infinite fount of pure bliss which overflows and yearns to join and inspire the noble creative performers of yajna. (Rigved 9-11-1)