Uttararcika-Chapter 5 >> Section 5

ओ३म् पिबा सोममिन्द्र मदन्तु त्वा यं ते सुषाव हर्यश्वाद्रि।
सोतुर्बाहुभ्या सुयतो नार्वा॥९२७
English:- Indra, lord ruler and controller of the dynamic forces of the world, drink this soma of ecstasy which, I am sure, would exhilarate you. The cloud, generative power of nature, has distilled it and showered on you. And just as a horse well controlled by the hands and reins of the driver moves to the right destination, so is this soma generated by the hands of the creator meant to exhort you to take the dominion to its destination. (Rigved 7-22-1)
ओ३म् यस्ते मदो युज्यश्चारुरस्ति येन वृत्राणि हर्यश्व हसि।
स त्वामिन्द्र प्रभूवसो ममत्तु॥९२८
English:- That beauty and joy of the governance of your dominion which is agreeable, inspiring and worthy of support and participation, and by which joy, O controller of the dynamic forces of the people, you break the negative forces of darkness, sin and crime, want and ignorance like the sun breaking dark clouds for showers, may that joy, O sovereign lord of power for settlement and prosperity, give you the real pleasure of creative governance and administration. (Rigved 7-22-2)
ओ३म् बोधा सु मे मघवन्वाचमेमां यां ते वसिष्ठो अर्चति प्रशस्तिम्।
इमा ब्रह्म सधमादे जुषस्व॥९२९
English:- O lord of honour, power and magnificence, pray know well this voice of mine which the sage well settled at peace offers you in adoration of your glory. And accept, honour and apply these holy words of vision and wisdom in practice in the assembly house of the wise for governance and administration. (Rigved 7-22-3)
ओ३म् विश्वा पृतना अभिभूतरं नर सजूस्ततक्षुरिन्द्रं जजनुश्च राजसे।
क्रत्वे वरे स्थेमन्यामुरीमुतोग्रमोजिष्ठं तरसं तरस्विनम्॥९३०
English:- All the citizens together, in order to elect an equal for the purpose of governance, create and shape Indra, the ruler, the leader who is superior to others in all battles of life, highest by noble creative action, eliminator of negative and frustrative opposition, illustrious, most vigorous and emphatic in expression, courageous and passionate in action. (Rigved 8-97-10)
ओ३म् नेमिं नमन्ति चक्षसा मेषं विप्रा अभिस्वरे।
सुदीतयो वो अद्रुहोऽपि कर्णे तरस्विन समृक्वभिः॥९३१
English:- Wise and vibrant sages greet the heroic ruler, Indra, giver of showers of peace and joy, and with vision of the future, bow to him as the central power and force of the nation's wheel. O brilliant and inspired people free from jealousy and calumny, smart and bold in action, do him honour with laudable performance for the near. (Rigved 8-97-12)
ओ३म् समु रेभसो अस्वरन्निन्द्र सोमस्य पीतये।
स्व पतिर्यदी वृधे धृतव्रतो ह्योजसा समूतिभि॥९३२
English:- Let all intelligent people cordially welcome and felicitate Indra for the protection of the honour, integrity, beauty and culture of the nation of humanity, and when they, together, exhort the guardian of their happiness and welfare to advance the beauty of corporate life, then, committed to the values, laws and ideals of the nation, he feels exalted with lustrous courage and positive measures of defence and protection. (Rigved 8-97-11)
ओ३म् यो राजा चर्षणीनां याता रथेभिरध्रिगुः।
विश्वासां तरुता पृतनानां ज्येष्ठं यो वृत्रहा गृणे॥९३३
English:- I adore Indra, lord supreme, who rules the people, and who is the irresistible and universal mover by waves of cosmic energy, saviour of all humanity, supreme warrior and winner of cosmic battles of the elemental forces and who destroys the evil, darkness and poverty of the world. (Rigved 8-70-1)
ओ३म् इन्द्रं त शुम्भ्य पुरुहन्मन्नवसे यस्य द्विता विधर्त्तरि।
हस्तेन वज्र प्रति धायि दर्शतो महां देवो न सूर्य॥९३४
English:- O man of universal devotion, exalt and glorify that omnipotent Indra for protection and progress in whom, as ruler and controller of the world, both justice and mercy abide simultaneously, who holds the thunderbolt of power in hand, and who is great and glorious like the sun in heaven. (Rigved 8-70-2)