Uttararcika-Chapter 6 >> Section 6

ओ३म् असाव्यशुर्मदायाप्सु दक्षो गिरिष्ठा।
श्येनो न योनिमासदत्॥१००८
English:- The peace and pleasure of life's ecstasy in thought and action, and the expertise well founded on adamantine determination is created by Savita, the creator, like the flying ambition of the soul and it is settled in its seat at the heart's core in the personality. (Rigved 9-62-4)
ओ३म् शुभ्रमन्धो देववातमप्सु धौतं नृभि सुतम्।
स्वदन्ति गाव पयोभिः॥१००९
English:- The radiant food of ambition created by people, energised by noble leaders, sanctified in action, the people enjoy seasoned with delicacies of cow's milk. (Rigved 9-62-5)
ओ३म् आदीमश्वं न हेतारमशूशुभन्नमृताय।
मधो रस सधमादे॥१०१०
English:- And this ecstasy of the fruit of active ambition, honey sweet of joint achievement in yajnic action, leading lights of the nation like yajakas exalt and glorify as the progressive sociopolitical order of humanity for permanence and immortal honour. (Rigved 9-62-6)
ओ३म् अभि द्युभ्नं बृहद्यश इषस्पते दीदिहि देव देवयुम्।
वि कोशं मध्यमं युव॥१०११
English:- O refulgent generous Soma spirit of life, lover of divinities, master of food and energy for body, mind and soul, give us the light to rise to the honour and excellence of higher life towards divinity, and for that pray open the middle cover of the soul and let us rise to the state of divine bliss. (Rigved 9-108-9)
ओ३म् आ वच्यस्व सुदक्ष चम्वो सुतो विशां वह्निर्न विश्पति।
वृष्टिं दिव पवस्व रीतिमपो जिन्वन्गविष्टये धिय॥१०१२
English:- O Spirit omnipotent of divine action, invoked, adored and vibrant in the internal world of mind and soul and in the external world of nature, sustainer and ruler as burden bearer of humanity, stimulate the radiation of light from heaven, sanctify the shower of bliss, and inspire and illuminate the mind and intelligence for the seeker of enlightenment. (Rigved 9-108-10)
ओ३म् प्राणा शिशुर्महीना हिन्वन्नृतस्य दीधितिम्।
विश्वा परि प्रिया भुवदध द्विता॥१०१३
English:- Maker of stars and planets, inspiring the light and law of the dynamics of existence, dear adorable giver of fulfilment, Soma rules over both spirit and nature, heaven and earth. (Rigved 9-102-1)
ओ३म् उप त्रितस्य पाष्यो३रभक्त यद्गुहा पदम्।
यज्ञस्य सप्त धामभिरध प्रियम्॥१०१४
English:- Close to the adamantine integration of Purusha and Prakrti in human form is the secret seat of heart and clairvoyant intelligence wherein the climactic presence of the master of three orders of Prakrti and super presence of divinity, and there it is shared by seven prakrtic, pranic and psychic orders of existence and adored by seven metres of Vedic hymns as the dearest supreme object of worship. (Rigved 9-102-2)
ओ३म् त्रीणि त्रितस्य धारया पृष्टेष्वैरयद्रयिम्।
मिमीते अस्य योजना वि सुक्रतु॥१०१५
English:- By three streams of the moving particles of matter, energy and mind does the triple master, Soma, move the dynamics of existence, and thus does the supreme yajaka order and accomplish his cosmic plan. (Rigved 9-102-3)
ओ३म् पवस्व वाजसातये पवित्रे धारया सुत।
इन्द्राय सोम विष्णवे देवेभ्यो मधुमत्तरः॥१०१६
English:- Soma, all inspiring spirit of the universe, sweetest presence distilled and realised in the holy heart, flow on purifying by the stream of exhilaration, giving food, energy and fulfilment for the soul, for the universal vibrancy of nature and humanity, and for all the noble, generous and enlightened people. (Rigved 9-100-6)
ओ३म् त्वा रिहन्ति धीतयो हरिं पवित्रे अद्रुह।
वत्सं जातं न मातर पवमान विधर्मणि॥१०१७
English:- O Soma, pure and purifying saviour spirit of universal sanctity, just as mother cows love and caress a new born calf, so do the motherly forces of nature and humanity free from the negativities of malice and jealousy love and cherish you arising in the heart and inspiring the soul in various dharmic situations of life. (Rigved 9-100-7)
ओ३म् त्वं द्यां च महिव्रत पृथिवीं चाति जभ्रिषे।
प्रति द्रापिममुञ्चथाः पवमान महित्वना॥१०१८
English:- O Soma, universal soul of high commitment of Dharma, pure and purifying energy of omnipresent divine flow, you wear the armour of omnipotence, bear, sustain and edify the heaven and earth by your majesty and transcend. (Rigved 9-100-9)
ओ३म् इन्दुर्वाजी पवते गोन्योघा इन्द्रे सोम सह इन्वन्मदाय।
हन्ति रक्षो बाधते पर्यरातिं वरिवस्कृण्वन्वृजनस्य राजा॥१०१९
English:- Indu, brilliant Soma, energetic and victorious, pure and purifying, vibrant and dynamic, creating strength, patience and endurance for the soul's joy, is ever on the move. It destroys evil, prevents negativities and opposition and casts them far off, and, giving wealth, honour and excellence of the best order of our choice, rules as the brilliant creator, controller and dispenser of strength, courage, power and life saving vitality in existence. (Rigved 9-97-10)
ओ३म् अध धारया मध्वा पृचानस्तिरो रोम पवते अद्रिदुग्धः।
इन्दुरिन्द्रस्य सख्यं जुषाणो देवो देवस्य मत्सरो मदाय॥१०२०
English:- And by streams of honey shower, joining spiritual awareness, overflowing the heart cave, Soma, distilled from the adamantine practice of meditative self-control, flows pure, purifying, wholly fulfilling. The brilliant divine spirit of joy cherishing friendly communion with Indra, the Soul, is the ecstasy meant for the joyous fulfilment of the soul. (Rigved 9-97-11)
ओ३म् अभि व्रतानि पवते पुनानो देवो देवान्त्स्वेन रसेन पृञ्चन्।
इन्दुर्धर्माण्यृतुथा वसानो दश क्षिपो अव्यत सानो अव्ये॥१०२१
English:- To all dear loving ones flows divine and brilliant Soma, pure, purifying and fulfilling the noble sages with its nectar of ecstasy. May the brilliant joyous divinity, pervading and shining with virtues according to time and season, purify and fulfill us on top of this protective world of ten senses, ten pranas and ten gross and subtle elements. (Rigved 9-97-12)