Uttararcika-Chapter 6 >> Section 7

ओ३म् आ ते अग्न इधीमहि द्युमन्तं देवाजरम्।
युद्ध स्या ते पनीयसी समिद्दीदयति द्यवीष स्तोतृभ्य आ भर॥१०२२
English:- Let us kindle you, light and fire of life, generous divinity, refulgent and unaging so that the wonderfully admirable light of your blaze shines in heaven and you bring food and energy for the celebrants. (Rigved 5-6-4)
ओ३म् आ ते अग्न ऋचा हवि शुक्रस्य ज्योतिषस्पते।
सुश्चन्द्र दस्म विश्पते हव्यवाट्तुभ्य हूयत इष स्तोतृभ्य आ भर॥१०२३
English:- Agni, light of life, lord of power, purity and splendour, golden beautiful, generous, sustainer of the people and carrier of fragrant oblations across the spaces, fragrant offers are made to you with the chant of holy verses in praise of your identity, attributes and functions. Generous creative power, create and bring food and energy for the celebrants. (Rigved 5-6-5)
ओ३म् ओभे सुश्चन्द्र विश्पते दर्वी श्रीणीष आसनि।
उतो न उत्पुपूर्या उक्थेषु शवसस्पत इष स्तोतृभ्य आ भर॥१०२४
English:- Agni, mighty lord of golden glory in form, creator and wielder of universal energy, you catalyse two ladlefuls of liquid fuel in your crucible for impulsion and expulsion in cosmic metabolism. Thus, O lord, fulfil us too in holy tasks of yajna and create and bring food and energy for the celebrants. (Rigved 5-6-9)
ओ३म् इन्द्राय साम गायत विप्राय बृहते बृहत्।
ब्रह्माकृते विपश्चिते पनस्यवे॥१०२५
English:- Sing Brhatsama hymns in adoration of Indra, vibrant spirit of the universe and giver of fulfilment, grand and infinite, source ordainer and keeper of the law of universal Dharma, giver and protector of knowledge and karma, the lord adorable. (Rigved 8-98-1)
ओ३म् त्वमिन्द्राभिभूरसि त्व सूर्यमरोचयः।
विश्वकर्मा विश्वदेवो महा असि॥१०२६
English:- Indra, you are the lord supreme dominant over all, you give light to the sun, you are the maker of the universe, you are the one adorable light and spirit of the world, you are the one great and glorious life of the world. (Rigved 8-98-2)
ओ३म् विभ्राजं ज्योतिषा त्व३रगच्छो रोचनं दिव।
देवास्त इन्द्र सख्याय येमिरे॥१०२७
English:- Refulgent with your own light you pervade the regions of bliss and beatify the glory of heaven. Indra, the lights and divinities of the world vye and struggle for friendship with you. (Rigved 8-98-3)
ओ३म् असावि सोम इन्द्र ते शविष्ठ धृष्णवा गहि।
आ त्वा पृणक्त्विन्द्रिय रज सूर्यो न रश्मिभि॥१०२८
English:- Indra, lord ruler of power, strong and resolute, come, this soma has been distilled for you. May it exhilarate and strengthen your mind as the sun fills and brightens the sky with its rays. (Rigved 1-84-1)
ओ३म् आ तिष्ठ वृत्रहन्रथं युक्ता ते ब्रह्मणा हरी।
अर्वाचीन सु ते मनो ग्रावा कृणोतु वग्नुना॥१०२९
English:- Indra, lord ruler, breaker of the cloud, releaser of the waters of life, ride your chariot of the latest design and come. The horses are yoked with the right mantra and necessary stuffs. And may the high-priest of knowledge with his words of knowledge exhilarate you at heart. (Rigved 1-84-3)
ओ३म् इन्द्रमिद्धरी वहतोऽप्रतिधृष्टशवसम्।
ऋषीणा सुष्टुतीरुप यज्ञं च मानुषाणाम्॥१०३०
English:- The horses carry Indra, lord of informidable force and resolution of mind, to the Rshis' songs of praise and yajnic programmes of the people. (Rigved 1-84-2)