Uttararcika-Chapter 7 >> Section 1

ओ३म् ज्योतिर्यज्ञस्य पवते मधु प्रियं पिता देवानां जनिता विभूवसुः।
दधाति रत्न स्वधयोरपीच्यं मदिन्तमो मत्सर इन्द्रियो रस॥१०३१
English:- Light of human and cosmic yajna, Soma vibrates pure, purifying and omnipresent, dearest most delicious honeyed spirit of life, creator and sustainer of divinities and master of infinite wealth and power. It holds and commands the jewel wealth of its own power and potential hidden in earth and heaven and vibrates in the mysteries of nature and humanity -- divinity most joyous, ecstatic, glorious, pure bliss that it is. (Rigved 9- 86-10)
ओ३म् अभिक्रन्दन्कलशं वाज्यर्षति पतिर्दिव शतधारो विचक्षण।
हरिर्मित्रस्य सदनेषु सीदति मर्मृजानोऽविभि सिन्धुभिर्वृषा॥१०३२
English:- Roaring, the omnipotent pervades in the universe and flows with a thousand streams, all watching sustainer of the light of existence. Beatific, glorious, dispeller of darkness and sufferance, it abides in the homes of love and friendship, cleansing, purifying and consecrating with its protective favours and showers of grace, infinitely potent and generous since it is. (Rigved 9-86-11)
ओ३म् अग्रे सिन्धूनां पवमानो अर्षत्यग्रे वाचो अग्रियो गोषु गच्छसि।
अग्रे वाजस्य भजसे महद्धन स्वायुध सोतृभि सोम सूयसे॥१०३३
English:- Soma, prime spirit of the world in existence, pure and purifying, moves as the first cause of flowing waters, first cause of the flow of thought and speech, and it moves as the prime cause of the motions of stars and planets. First, before the start of evolution, it takes on the great warlike dynamics of the creative evolutionary flow of existence. The same omnipotent generous power, mighty of arms, is adorned and exalted in yajna by celebrants on the vedi designed by the lord and structured by his Shakti, Prakrti. (Rigved 9-86-12)
ओ३म् असृक्षत प्र वाजिनो गव्या सोमासो अश्वया।
शुक्रासो वीरयाशव॥१०३४
English:- Vibrant heroes blest with the soma spirit of peace, progress and brilliance, pure and potent, inspired with ambition for lands, cows and culture, horses, advancement and achievement, and advancement of the brave generations of humanity move forward with the spirit of generous creativity. (Rigved 9-64-4)
ओ३म् शुम्भमानो ऋतायुभिर्मृज्यमाना गभस्त्योः।
पवन्ते वारे अव्यये॥१०३५
English:- Blest and beatified by lovers of truth and divine law, seasoned and tempered by light of the sun and heat of fire, heroic men of the soma spirit of peace and prosperity work vibrant on choice positions in the imperishable order of divine existence. (Rigved 9-64-5)
ओ३म् ते विश्वा दाशुषे वसु सोमा दिव्यानि पार्थिवा।
English:- May the soma spirits of nature and humanity initiate, purify and direct all world's wealth, honour and excellence, peace and progress, of earthly, heavenly and middle order of the skies to flow to the generous and creative people of yajna and self-sacrifice. (Rigved9-64-6)
ओ३म् पवस्व देववीरति पवित्र सोम रह्या।
इन्द्रमिन्दो वृषा विश॥१०३७
English:- O Soma, spirit of divinity, flow quick, purify our mind and senses, and fulfil our prayers for piety. Spirit of peace and spiritual joy in exuberance, bring us the glory of life and let it sanctify our heart and soul. (Rigved 9-2-1)
ओ३म् आ वच्यस्व महि प्सरो वृषेन्दो द्युम्नवत्तमः।
आ योनिं धर्णसि सदः॥१०३८
English:- Blissful Spirit of divinity, give us food for the mind and soul, great you are, delightful, generous, most sublime, the origin, wielder and sustainer of the universe and the truth of universal knowledge. (Rigved 9-2-2)
ओ३म् अधुक्षत प्रियं मधु धारा सुतस्य वेधस।
अपो वसिष्ट सुक्रतु॥१०३९
English:- The stream of soma purity, bliss and knowledge, distilled and flowing from the omniscient, showers honey sweets of life on us, and the holiness of the noble soma internalised inspires our actions. (Rigved 9-2-3)
ओ३म् महान्तं त्वा महीरन्वापो अर्षन्ति सिन्धवः।
English:- Just as great floods of water, rivers and seas join the great ocean, and the great ocean abides by you, O lord omnipotent, similarly all our will and actions abide in you, lord supreme, since by your word and powers you inspire them. (Rigved 9-2-4)
ओ३म् समुद्रो अप्सु मामृजे विष्टम्भो धरुणो दिव।
सोम पवित्रे अस्मयु॥१०४१
English:- The lord is Samudra, universal space, from which everything follows. He is integrated with our streams of earthly waters, self-sustained and all sustaining, holder and sustainer of the regions of heavenly light. The lord giver of peace and bliss is ours, with us, in the holy business of our life and karma. (Rigved 9-2-5)
ओ३म् अचिक्रदद्वृषा हरिर्महान्मित्रो न दर्शत।
स सूर्येण दिद्युते॥१०४२
English:- Soma, Spirit of universal peace and bliss, is generous and virile, destroyer of suffering, great, noble guide as a friend, and proclaims his presence everywhere as he shines glorious with the sun. (Rigved 9-2-6)
ओ३म् गिरस्त इन्द ओजसा मर्मृज्यन्ते अपस्युव।
याभिर्मदाय शुम्भसे॥१०४३
English:- Lord giver of peace and grandeur, your voices of the Veda, exponent of karma, by virtue of your divine lustre purify and sanctify the people. By the same voices you shine in divine glory for the joy of humanity. (Rigved 9-2-7)
ओ३म् तं त्वा मदाय घृष्वय उ लोककृत्नुमीमहे।
तव प्रशस्तये महे॥१०४४
English:- For the sake of joy and elimination of the suffering of life, we adore you, creator of the worlds of nature and humanity. O lord, great are your glories sung all round. (Rigved 9-2-8)
ओ३म् गोषा इन्दो नृषा अस्यश्वसा वाजसा उत।
आत्मा यज्ञस्य पूर्व्य॥१०४५
English:- O lord of peace and glory, you are the very soul of yajna, original and eternal since you are the foremost fount of all giving. You are the giver of cows, lands and the voices of wisdom and culture. You are the giver of children and grand children over ages of humanity. You are the giver of horses and all advancement and progress in achievements. You are the giver of food, sustenance and all powers and victories of success. Pray be that for us all time. (Rigved 9-2-10)
ओ३म् अस्मभ्यमिन्दविन्द्रियं मधो पवस्व धारया।
पर्जन्यो वृष्टिमा इव॥१०४६
English:- For us, O lord of peace and bliss, munificent giver of lustre and grandeur, bring showers of purity and the honey sweets of life as a cloud laden with showers of rain. (Rigved 9-2-9)