Kakawin Ramayana

Kakawin Ramayan is the old Javanese version of the Indian epic Ramayan, a story of triumph of good over evil. Rakamien means The Glory of Ram is Thailand's National Epic. The first half of Ramayan is almost similar to that of the Hindu Epic - Valmiki Ramayan, but the next half is totally different. It includes the major Javanese indigenous deity dhayana Guardian God of Java Semar. The main purpose of the Hikayat Seri Rama is to show the ideals of righteousness, love, loyalty, and selfless devotion. This Malay version has combined elements of the Indian Sanskrit Ramayan with local traditions and beliefs to create a highly developed story which is enjoyed by many.

Ramakien Characters

The characters of Ramakien share the same characteristics and features as in the original story of Indian Ramayan.

Sri Rama - Phra Ram
Sita - Nang Sida
Lakshmana - Phra Lak
Hanuman - Hanuman
Thotsarot - Dasaratha
Thotsakan - Ravan
Ongkot - Angad
Phiphek - Vibhishana