Phra Lak Phra Ram

Phra Lak Phra Lam is the Lao version of the Indian epic Ramayan, a story which is presented as not associated with Hinduism, and based on previous life of Budhha, though it has been adapted from the Valmiki Ramayan. Phralak Phralam is an epic story which involves a multitude of divine characters. This epic of Indian origin tells the story of Prince Phra Lam (Sri Ram) and her beloved wife Princess Sida (Sita). There love was spoiled by the jealousy of Totsakhan (Ravana) who, using skilful subterfuge, kidnaps the Princess Sida and takes her to the Lanka Island. The island of the giants (Rakshasa). Jatayu the vulture king, son of Garuda, brings the proof of this kidnapping to Phra Lam by showing him Sida's ring lost during her flight to Lanka. On this quest for Phra Lak's lost love, his brother Lakshman accompanies him, helped by the army of the monkeys under the command of Hanuman and his generals. After a long and hard battle over the sea, the miserable King of Lanka is killed and his army of giants decimated. On returning to the princely palace, after the jubilation of celebrations, Phra Lam momentarily doubts the real loyalty of Sida during this long stay with her supposed enemy. Sida proves her innocence by submitting herself to an ordeal by fire. All ended in order and peace.

Phra Lak Phra Lam Characters

The characters of Phra Lak Phra Lam share the same characteristics and features as in the original story of Indian Ramayan

Sri Ram - Phralam
Sita - Nang Sida
Lakshmana - Phralak
Hanuman - Hanouman
Indra - Phra In
Ravan - Thotsakhan
Jatayu - Phragna Khout