Quran Surah 53 - An-Najm (The Star)

Ayat 1 - I CALL TO witness the star of the pleiades when it has dipped
Ayat 2 - That your companion is not confused, nor has he gone astray,
Ayat 3 - Neither does he speak of his own will.
Ayat 4 - This is only revelation communicated,
Ayat 5 - Bestowed on him by the Supreme Intellect,
Ayat 6 - Lord of power and wisdom. So he acquired poise and balance,
Ayat 7 - And reached the highest pinnacle.
Ayat 8 - Then he drew near and drew closer
Ayat 9 - Until a space of two bow (arcs) or even less remained,
Ayat 10 - When He revealed to His votary what He revealed.
Ayat 11 - His heart did not falsify what he perceived.
Ayat 12 - Will you dispute with him what he saw?
Ayat 13 - He saw Him indeed another time
Ayat 14 - By the Lote-tree beyond which none can pass,
Ayat 15 - Close to which is the Garden of Tranquility,
Ayat 16 - When the Lote-tree was covered over with what it was covered over;
Ayat 17 - Neither did sight falter nor exceed the bounds.
Ayat 18 - Indeed he saw some of the greatest signs of His Lord.
Ayat 19 - Have you considered Lat and ´Uzza,
Ayat 20 - And Manat, the other third (of the pagan deities)?
Ayat 21 - Are there sons for you, and daughters for Him?
Ayat 22 - This is certainly an unjust apportioning.
Ayat 23 - These are only names which you and your fathers have invented. No authority was sent down by God for them. They only follow conjecture and wish-fulfilment, even though guidance had come to them already from their Lord.
Ayat 24 - Can ever man get what he desires?
Ayat 25 - To God belong the End and the Beginning.
Ayat 26 - Many as the angels be in heaven their intercession will not avail in the least without God´s permission for whomsoever He please and approve.
Ayat 27 - Those who do not believe in the Hereafter give the angels names of females.
Ayat 28 - Yet they have no knowledge of this, and follow nothing but conjecture, but conjecture cannot replace the truth.
Ayat 29 - So you turn away from him who turns away from Our rememberance and wants nothing but the life of this world:
Ayat 30 - This is the farthest limit of their knowledge. Surely your Lord alone knows best who has strayed away from the path and who has come to guidance.
Ayat 31 - To God belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth, that He may requite those who do evil, in accordance with their deeds, and those who do good with good.
Ayat 32 - As for those who avoid the greater sins and shameful acts, except minor trespasses, your Lord´s forgiveness surely has great amplitude. He is fully knowledgeable of you as He produced you from the earth, and since you were a foetus in your mother´s womb. So do not assert your goodness; he is better who takes heed and preserves himself.
Ayat 33 - Have you seen him who turns his back,
Ayat 34 - Who gives but little, and is niggardly?
Ayat 35 - Has he knowledge of the Unknown that he perceives everything?
Ayat 36 - Has he not heard what is contained in the Book of Moses,
Ayat 37 - And of Abraham who fulfilled his trust? --
Ayat 38 - That no one who carries a burden bears another´s load;
Ayat 39 - That a man receives but only that for which he strives;
Ayat 40 - That his endeavours will be judged,
Ayat 41 - And only then will he receive his recompense in full;
Ayat 42 - And that to your Lord is your returning;
Ayat 43 - That it is He who makes you happy and morose,
Ayat 44 - And He who ordains death and life;
Ayat 45 - That He created pairs, male and female,
Ayat 46 - From a drop of semen when emitted;
Ayat 47 - That the second creation is incumbent on Him;
Ayat 48 - That it is He who makes you rich and contented;
Ayat 49 - That He is the Lord of Sirius;
Ayat 50 - That it was He who destroyed the ´Ad of old,
Ayat 51 - And Thamud, and did not leave them,
Ayat 52 - Like the people of Noah before them, who were surely oppressors and rebellious;
Ayat 53 - And He overthrew the Cities of the Plain,
Ayat 54 - So that they were covered over by what they were covered over.
Ayat 55 - How many favours of your Lord will you then deny?
Ayat 56 - He who warns you is one of the warners of old.
Ayat 57 - What is to come is imminent.
Ayat 58 - There is no one to unveil it apart from God.
Ayat 59 - Are you astonished at this news,
Ayat 60 - And keep laughing and do not weep,
Ayat 61 - Indulging in pleasantries?
Ayat 62 - Bow instead in adoration before God and worship Him.