Book 10 >> HYMN 158 - Surya

सूर्यो नो दिवस पातु वातो अन्तरिक्षात |
English:- . MAY Sūrya guard us out of heaven, and Vāta from the firmament,
And Agni from terrestrial spots.

जोषा सवितर्यस्य ते हरः शतं सवानर्हति |
पाहिनो दिद्युतः पतन्त्याः
English:- Thou Savitar whose flame deserves hundred libations, be thou pleased:
From failing lightning keep us safe.

चक्षुर्नो देवः सविता चक्षुर्न उत पर्वतः |
चक्षुर्धाता दधातु नः
English:- May Savitar the God, and may Parvata also give us sight;
May the Creator give us sight.

चक्षुर्नो धेहि चक्षुषे चक्षुर्विख्यै तनूभ्यः |
संचेदं वि च पश्येम
English:- Give sight unto our eye, give thou our bodies sight that they may see:
May we survey, discern this world.

सुसन्द्र्शं तवा वयं परति पश्येम सूर्य |
वि पश्येमन्र्चक्षसः
English:- Thus, Sūrya, may we look on thee, on thee most lovely to behold,
See clearly with the eyes of men.