Book 10 >> HYMN 55 - Indra

दूरे तन नाम गुह्यं पराचैर्यत तवा भीते अह्वयेतांवयोधै |
उदस्तभ्नाः पर्थिवीं दयामभीके भरातुःपुत्रान मघवन तित्विषाणः
English:- . FAR is that secret name by which, in terror, the worlds invoked thee and thou gavest vigour
The earth and heaven thou settest near each other, and Maghavan, madest bright thy Brother's Children.

महत तन नाम गुह्यं पुरुस्प्र्ग येन भूतं जनयो येनभव्यम |
परत्नं जातं जयोतिर्यदस्य परियं परियाः समविशन्त पञ्च
English:- Great is that secret name and far-extending, whereby thou madest all that is and shall be.
The Five Tribes whom he loveth well have entered the light he loveth that was made aforetime.

आ रोदसी अप्र्णादोत मध्यं पञ्च देवान रतुशः सप्त सप्त |
चतुस्त्रिंशता पुरुधा वि चष्टे सरूपेण जयोतिषाविव्रतेन
English:- He filled the heaven and earth and all between them, Gods five times sevenfold in their proper seasons.
With four-and-thirty lights he looks around him, lights of one colour though their ways are divers.

यदुष औछः परथमा विभानामजनयो येन पुष्टस्यपुष्टम |
यत ते जामित्वमवरं परस्या महन महत्यासुरत्वमेकम
English:- As first among the lights, O Dawn, thou shonest, whereby thou broughtest forth the Stay of Increase,
Great art thou, matchless is thine Asura nature, who, high above, art kin to those beneath thee.

विधुं दद्राणं समने बहूनां युवानं सन्तं पलितोजगार |
देवस्य पश्य काव्यं महित्वाद्या ममार स हयःसमान
English:- The old hath waked the young Moon from his slumber who runs his circling course with many round him.
Behold the Gods' high wisdom in its greatness: he who died yesterday to-day is living.

शाक्मना शाको अरुणः सुपर्ण आ यो महः शूरःसनादनीळः |
यच्चिकेत सत्यमित तन न मोघं वसुस्पार्हमुत जेतोत दाता
English:- Strong is the Red Bird in his strength, great Hero, who from of old hath had no nest to dwell in.
That which he knows is truth and never idle: he wins and gives the wealth desired of many.

ऐभिर्ददे वर्ष्ण्या पौंस्यानि येभिरौक्षद वर्त्रहत्यायवज्री |
ये कर्मणः करियमाणस्य मह्न रतेकर्ममुदजायन्त देवाः
English:- Through these the Thunderer gained strong manly vigour, through whom he waxed in power to smite down Vṛtra,-
Who through the might of Indra's operation came forth as Gods in course of Law and Order.

युजा कर्माणि जनयन विश्वौजा अशस्तिथा विश्वमनास्तुराषाट |
पीत्वी सोमस्य दिव आ वर्धानः शूरो निर्युधाधमद दस्यून
English:- All-strong, performing works with his companion, All-marking, rapid Victor, Curse-averter,
The Hero, waxing, after draughts of Soma, blew far from heaven the Dasyus with his weapon.