Book 3 >> HYMN 33 - Indra

पर पर्वतानामुशती उपस्थादश्वे इव विषिते हासमाने |
गावेव शुभ्रे मातरा रिहाणे विपाट छुतुद्री पयसाजवेते
English:- . FORTH from the bosom of the mountains, eager as two swift mares with loosened rein contending,
Like two bright mother cows who lick their youngling, Vipāś and Sutudri speed down their waters.

इन्द्रेषिते परसवं भिक्षमाणे अछा समुद्रं रथ्येव याथः |
समाराणे ऊर्मिभिः पिन्वमाने अन्या वामन्यामप्येति शुभ्रे
English:- Impelled by Indra whom ye pray to urge you, ye move as 'twere on chariots to the ocean.
Flowing together, swelling with your billows, O lucid Streams, each of you seeks the other.

अछा सिन्धुं मात्र्तमामयासं विपाशमुर्वीं सुभगामगन्म |
वत्समिव मातरा संरिहाणे समानं योनिमनु संचरन्ती
English:- I have attained the most maternal River, we have approached Vipāś, the broad, the blessed.
Licking as 'twere their calf the pair of Mothers flow onward to their common home together.

एन वयं पयसा पिन्वमाना अनु योनिं देवक्र्तं चरन्तीः |
न वर्तवे परसवः सर्गतक्तः किंयुर्विप्रो नद्यो जोहवीति
English:- We two who rise and swell with billowy waters move forward to the home which Gods have made us.
Our flood may not be stayed when urged to motion. What would the singer, calling to the Rivers?

रमध्वं मे वचसे सोम्याय रतावरीरुप मुहूर्तमेवैः |
पर सिन्धुमछा बर्हती मनीषावस्युरह्वे कुशिकस्य सूनुः
English:- Linger a little at my friendly bidding rest, Holy Ones, a moment in your journey.
With hymn sublime soliciting your favour Kuśika's son hath called unto the River.

इन्द्रो अस्मानरदद वज्रबाहुरपाहन वर्त्रं परिधिं नदीनाम |
देवो.अनयत सवित सुपाणिस्तस्य वयं परसवे याम उर्वीः
English:- Indra who wields the thunder dug our channels: he smote down Vṛtra, him who stayed our currents.
Savitar, God, the lovely-handed, led us, and at his sending forth we flow expanded.

परवाच्यं शश्वधा वीर्यं तदिन्द्रस्य कर्म यदहिंविव्र्श्चत |
वि वज्रेण परिषदो जघानायन्नापो.अयनमिछमानाः
English:- That hero deed of Indra must be lauded for ever that he rent Ahi in pieces.
He smote away the obstructors with his thunder, and eager for their course forth flowed the waters.

एतद वचो जरितर्मापि मर्ष्ठा आ यत ते घोषानुत्तरा युगानि |
उक्थेषु कारो परति नो जुषस्व मा नो नि कः पुरुषत्रा नमस्ते
English:- Never forget this word of thine, O singer, which future generations shall reecho.
In hymns, O bard, show us thy loving kindness. Humble us not mid men. To thee be honour!

ओ षु सवसारः कारवे शर्णोत ययौ वो दूरादनसा रथेन |
नि षू नमध्वं भवता सुपारा अधोक्षाः सिन्धवःस्रोत्याभिः
English:- List quickly, Sisters, to the bard who cometh to you from far away with car and wagon.
Bow lowly down; be easy to be traversed stay, Rivers, with your floods below our axles.

आ ते कारो शर्णवामा वचांसि ययाथ दूरादनसा रथेन |
नि ते नंसै पीप्यानेव योषा मर्यायेव कन्या शश्वचै ते
English:- Yea, we will listen to thy words, O singer. With wain and car from far away thou comest.
Low, like a nursing mother, will I bend me, and yield me as a maiden to her lover.

यदङग तवा भरताः सन्तरेयुर्गव्यन गराम इषित इन्द्रजूतः |
अर्षादह परसवः सर्गतक्त आ वो वर्णे सुमतिं यज्ञियानाम
English:- Soon as the Bharatas have fared across thee, the warrior band, urged on and sped by Indra,
Then let your streams flow on in rapid motion. I crave your favour who deserve our worship.

अतारिषुर्भरता गव्यवः समभक्त विप्रः सुमतिं नदीनाम |
पर पिन्वध्वमिषयन्तीः सुराधा आ वक्षणाः पर्णध्वं यात शीभम
English:- The warrior host, the Bharatas, fared over the singer won the favour of the Rivers.
Swell with your billows, hasting, pouring riches. Fill full your channels, and roll swiftly onward.

उद व ऊर्मिः शम्या हन्त्वापो योक्त्राणि मुञ्चत |
मादुष्क्र्तौ वयेनसाघ्न्यौ शूनमारताम
English:- So let your wave bear up the pins, and ye, O Waters, spare the thongs;
And never may the pair of Bulls, harmless and sinless, waste away.