Book 7 >> HYMN 28 - Indra

बरह्मा ण इन्द्रोप याहि विद्वानर्वाञ्चस्ते हरयः सन्तु युक्ताः |
विश्वे चिद धि तवा विहवन्त मर्ता अस्माकमिच्छ्र्णुहि विश्वमिन्व
English:- . COME to our prayers, O Indra, thou who knowest: let thy Bay Steeds be yoked and guided hither.
Though mortal men on every side invoke thee, still give thine ear to us, O All-impeller.

हवं त इन्द्र महिमा वयानड बरह्म यत पासि शवसिन्न्र्षीणाम |
आ यद वज्रं दधिषे हस्त उग्र घोरः सन करत्वा जनिष्ठा अषाळः
English:- Thy greatness reacheth to our invocation, the sages' prayer which, Potent God, thou guardest.
What time thy hand, O Mighty, holds the thunder, awful in strength thou hast become resistless.

तव परणीतीन्द्र जोहुवानान सं यन नॄन न रोदसी निनेथ |
महे कषत्राय शवसे हि जज्ञे.अतूतुजिं चित तूतुजिरशिश्नत
English:- What time thou drewest both world-halves together, like heroes led by thee who call each other-
For thou wast born for strength and high dominion-then e'en the active overthrew the sluggish.

एभिर्न इन्द्राहभिर्दशस्य दुर्मित्रासो हि कषितयः पवन्ते |
परति यच्चष्टे अन्र्तमनेना अव दविता वरुणो मायीनः सात
English:- Honour us in these present days, O Indra, for hostile men are making expiation.
Our sin that sinless Varuṇa discovered, the Wondrous-Wise hath long ago forgiven.

वोचेमेदिन्द्रं मघवानमेनं महो रायो राधसो यद ददन्नः |
यो अर्चतो बरह्मक्र्तिमविष्ठो यूयं पात ...
English:- We will address this liberal Lord, this Indra, that he may grant us gifts of ample riches,
Best favourer of the singer's prayer and praises. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.