Book 9 >> HYMN 57 - Soma Pavamana

पर ते धारा असश्चतो दिवो न यन्ति वर्ष्टयः |
अछा वाजं सहस्रिणम
English:- . THY streams that never fail or waste flow forth like showers of rain from heaven,
To bring a thousand stores of strength.

अभि परियाणि काव्या विश्वा चक्षाणो अर्षति |
हरिस्तुञ्जान आयुधा
English:- He flows beholding on his way all wellbeloved sacred lore,
Green-tinted, brandishing his, arms.

स मर्म्र्जान आयुभिरिभो राजेव सुव्रतः |
शयेनो न वंसु षीदति
English:- He, when the people deck him like a docile king of elephants.
Sits as a falcon in the, wood.

स नो विश्वा दिवो वसूतो पर्थिव्या अधि |
पुनान इन्दवाभर
English:- So bring thou hitherward to us, Indu, while thou art purified,
All treasures both of heaven and earth.