Book 1 >> HYMN 68 - Agni

शरीणन्नुप सथाद दिवं भुरण्यु सथातुश्चरथमक्तून्व्यूर्णोत |
परि यदेषामेको विश्वेषां भुवद देवो देवानां महित्वा
English:- . COMMINGLING, restless, he ascends the sky, unveiling nights and all that stands or moves,
As he the sole God is preeminent in greatness among all these other Gods.

आदित ते विश्वे करतुं जुषन्त शुष्काद यद देव जीवो जनिष्ठाः |
भजन्त विश्वे देवत्वं नाम रतं सपन्तो अम्र्तमेवैः
English:- All men are joyful in thy power, O God, that living from the dry wood thou art born.
All truly share thy Godhead while they keep, in their accustomed ways, eternal Law.

रतस्य परेषा रतस्य धीतिर्विश्वायुर्विश्वे अपांसि चक्रुः |
यस्तुभ्यं दाशाद यो वा ते शिक्षात तस्मै चिकित्वान्रयिं दयस्व
English:- Strong is the thought of Law, the Law's behest; all works have they performed; he quickens all.
Whoso will bring oblation, gifts to thee, to him, bethinking thee, vouchsafe thou wealth.

होता निषत्तो मनोरपत्ये स चिन नवासां पती रयीणाम |
इछन्त रेतो मिथस्तनूषु सं जानत सवैर्दक्षैरमूराः
English:- Seated as Priest with Manu's progeny, of all these treasures he alone is Lord.
Men yearn for children to prolong their line, and are not disappointed in their hope.

पितुर्न पुत्राः करतुं जुषन्त शरोषन ये अस्य शासं तुरासः |
वि राय और्णोद दुरः पुरुक्षुः पिपेश नाकं सत्र्भिर्दमूनाः
English:- Eagerly they who hear his word fulfil his wish as sons obey their sire's behest.
He, rich in food, unbars his wealth like doors: he, the House-Friend, hath decked heaven's vault with stars.