Book 1 >> HYMN 8 - Indra

एन्द्र सानसिं रयिं सजित्वानं सदासहम |
वर्षिष्ठमूतये भर
English:- INDRA, bring wealth that gives delight, the victor's ever-conquering wealth,
Most excellent, to be our aid;

नि येन मुष्टिहत्यया नि वर्त्रा रुणधामहै |
तवोतासो नयर्वता
English:- By means of which we may repel our foes in battle hand to hand,
By thee assisted with the car.

इन्द्र तवोतास आ वयं वज्रं घना ददीमहि |
जयेम सं युधि सप्र्धः
English:- Aided by thee, the thunder-armed, Indra, may we lift up the bolt,
And conquer all our foes in fight.

वयं शूरेभिरस्त्र्भिरिन्द्र तवया युजा वयम |
सासह्याम पर्तन्यतः
English:- With thee, O India, for ally with missile-darting heroes, may
We conquer our embattled foes.

महानिन्द्रः परश्च नु महित्वमस्तु वज्रिणे |
दयौर्नप्रथिना शवः
English:- Mighty is Indra, yea supreme; greatness be his, the Thunderer:
Wide as the heaven extends his power

समोहे वा य आशत नरस्तोकस्य सनितौ |
विप्रासो वा धियायवः
English:- Which aideth those to win them sons, who come as heroes to the fight,
Or singers loving holy thoughts.

यः कुक्षिः सोमपातमः समुद्र इव पिन्वते |
उर्वीरापो न काकुदः
English:- His belly, drinking deepest draughts of Soma, like an ocean swells,
Like wide streams from the cope of heaven.

एवा हयस्य सून्र्ता विरप्शी गोमती मही |
पक्वा शाखा न दाशुषे
English:- So also is his excellence, great, vigorous, rich in cattle, like
A ripe branch to the worshipper.

एवा हि ते विभूतय ऊतय इन्द्र मावते |
सद्यश्चित सन्तिदाशुषे
English:- For verily thy mighty powers, Indra, are saving helps at once
Unto a worshipper like me.

एवा हयस्य काम्या सतोम उक्थं च शंस्या |
इन्द्राय सोमपीतये
English:- So are his lovely gifts; let lauds and praises be to Indra sung,
That he may drink the Soma juice.