Book 5 >> HYMN 65 - Mitra-Varuna

यश चिकेत स सुक्रतुर देवत्रा स बरवीतु नः |
वरुणो यस्य दर्शतो मित्रो वा वनते गिरः
English:- . FULL wise is he who hath discerned: let him speak to us of the Gods,-
The man whose praise-songs Varuṇa the beautiful, or Mitra, loves.

ता हि शरेष्ठवर्चसा राजाना दीर्घश्रुत्तमा |
ता सत्पती रताव्र्ध रतावाना जने-जने
English:- For they are Kings of noblest might, of glorious fame most widely spread;
Lords of the brave, who strengthen Law, the Holy Ones with every race.

ता वाम इयानो ऽवसे पूर्वा उप बरुवे सचा |
सवश्वासः सु चेतुना वाजां अभि पर दावने
English:- Approaching you with prayer for aid, together I address you first
We who have good steeds call on you, Most Sage, to give us strength besides.

मित्रो अंहोश चिद आद उरु कषयाय गातुं वनते |
मित्रस्य हि परतूर्वतः सुमतिर अस्ति विधतः
English:- E'en out of misery Mitra gives a way to dwelling at our case,
For he who worships hath the grace of Mitra, fighter in the van. '

वयम मित्रस्यावसि सयाम सप्रथस्तमे |
अनेहसस तवोतयः सत्रा वरुणशेषसः
English:- In Mitra's shelter that extends to utmost distance may we dwell,
Unmenaced, guarded by the care, ever as sons of Varuṇa.

युवम मित्रेमं जनं यतथः सं च नयथः |
मा मघोनः परि खयतम मो अस्माकम रषीणां गोपीथे न उरुष्यतम
English:- Ye, Mitra, urge this people on, and to one end direct their ways.
Neglect not ye the wealthy chiefs, neglect not us the Ṛṣis: be our guardians when ye quaff the milk.