Namkaran Sanskar

Naming ceremony performed on the 12th day of the birth. As all the activities in the world are carried on the basis of name so this is a very important of all sanskars. Every parent has the duty to give a nice name to the child, which reminds the child of some goal or objective in the life. It is very important to select a nice name for the child, the name should be meaningful which fulfills all the desires of the child. Whenever the child hears the name he will remember the meaning and purpose hidden in it and will be inspired by its meaning. There are two purposes of naming the child – the first is that the name is used to address the child, and the second is that the name should raise good feelings inside the person, which reminds him of his goal. The Newborn's paternal Aunt performs this ritual of naming the baby. If the father does not have a sister, then the Mother's Sister performs this ritual. In a case, where both the father and the mother do not have a sister, the parents themselves perform this ritual.