Sri Ram Wallpapers

Sri Ram is a Famous Hindu God of Ancient India who is still referred in a very respective manner in whole India and South Asia. He is the seventh Avatar of Lord Vishnu. All his deeds and story is written in the Epic - Ramayan and Ramcharitmanas. Sri Ram is an ideal person avatar who has lived a life like a normal human and that is the most unique thing about a Godman.

Sri Ram was the son of Dashrath & Kaushalya. Dashrath was the King of Ayodhya and he has planned to crown Sri Ram. Manthara, the housemaid of Kaikeyi manipulated her and convinced that the throne of Ayodhya belongs to Bharat only. Kaikeyi was convinced and asked Dashrath about two boons. She asked exile for Sri Ram and Throne for Bharat. Whole Ayodhya was shattered and Dashrath was shocked at this situation. He tried to convinced Kaikeyi but fate was all set. Sri Ram went to exile with her consort Sita and brother Lakshman. We all have read rest of the story a lot of times so let us understand it in a different aspect.

Sri Ram as per spiritual philosophy is an inner soul. Ravan acts as an ego. Sita is intellect (budhhi) and Lakshman is mind (mann). The journey of this inner soul is Ramayan where mind always supports and intellect at times may lost. We have to fight our ego in order to restore the peace within which is the main essence of Dharma. As per an incident in Ramayan, when Sita was so much influenced with the beauty of a golden deer and wanted it to get at any cost, it was actually a turning point in the whole Ramayan. Sita as an Intellect desired for the deer, Golden deer as Marichi acted as Mrig Marichika (Mirage) which is seen but as an illusion, Laxman as mind trying to control it and sets limit - Laxman Rekha. Ram as a an inner soul tries to achieve the goal after getting assurance from his mind, but when ego (Ravan) arrived, intellect crosses the limit and falls in a trap. Hence that was the greatest turning point in Ramayan. As per the philosophy, this is a day to day situation where we as soul owner has to control over it to fall in the trap, to lead a peaceful life. People run before the mirage and looses everything in return. Its up to use whom we want to get win, Ravan is all in our mind and we have to take control over him by rising our inner Ram.

Sri Ram is eternal, timeless and we cannot bound him to a certain place or time. He is within us. We all are Ram and we have to act the same way as stated and referred in Ramayan. That's why Sri Ram is Maryada Purishotaam. We too have to be ideally follow the rules and regulations properly and follow a peaceful path with an open mind and wisdom. We can learn a lot from the journey of Sri Ram.

|| Jai Sri Ram ||