Reamker is the Khmer version (Cambodian version) of the Indian epic Ramayan, a story which shows the victory of good over evil. Reamker means The Glory of Ram is the Cambodian National Epic. It has been portrayed very well in Khmer Culture in their traditions and dance forms - L'khaon. This dance is played generally in various festivals throughout Cambodia. This epic is an integral part of Cambodian Culture. Various paintings about the stories of Reamker has been painted in the wall of Cambodian Palace and Angkor Wat Temple and Banteay Srei Temple. In addition to Valmiki Ramayan, Reamker has additional scenes featuring Hanuman and Sovanna Maccha. Preah Ream (Sri Ram) and other characters in Reamker are mortals opposite to the Indian version where all the characters are to date referred as God. Reamker is considered more of an art form instead of a literature in Cambodia, unlike other South Asian versions of Ramayan. Another Cambodian epic, Lpoek Angkor Vat ("The Story of Angkor Wat") celebrates the magnificent temple complex at Angkor and describes the bas-reliefs in the temple galleries that portray the Sri Ram story. Reamker unlike Ramayan has Buddhist influence instead of Hinduism though it is based on the original Valmiki Ramayan.

Reamker Characters

The characters of Reamker share the same characteristics and features as in the original story of Indian Ramayan though transferred to the topography and culture of Ayutthaya.

Sri Rama - Phreah Ream
Sita - Neang Seda
Lakshmana - Praeh Leak
Hanuman - Hanuman
Sukreep - Sugreev
Ravan - Krong Reap
Mermaid Princess - Sovanna Maccha
Shooparnkha - Surpanakhar