Quran Surah 87 - Al-A'la (The Most High)

Ayat 1 - GLORIFY THE NAME of your Lord, most high,
Ayat 2 - Who creates and proportions,
Ayat 3 - Who determines and directs,
Ayat 4 - Who brings out the pastures
Ayat 5 - Then reduces them to rusty rubbish.
Ayat 6 - We shall make you recite (the Qur´an) so that you will not forget it,
Ayat 7 - Unless God may please. He knows the visible and knows what is hidden.
Ayat 8 - We shall take you slowly towards ease.
Ayat 9 - So remind them if reminder is profitable:
Ayat 10 - Those who fear will understand.
Ayat 11 - Only the wretch will turn aside,
Ayat 12 - Who will burn in the terrible Fire,
Ayat 13 - In which he will neither die nor live.
Ayat 14 - Surely he will succeed who grows in goodness,
Ayat 15 - And recites the name of his Lord and serves with devotion.
Ayat 16 - But no, you prefer the life of the world,
Ayat 17 - Though the life to come is better and abiding.
Ayat 18 - This is surely in the earlier Books,
Ayat 19 - The Books of Abraham and Moses.