Quran Surah 84 - Al-Inshiqaq (The Bursting Asunder)

Ayat 1 - WHEN THE SKY is cleft asunder,
Ayat 2 - And hearkens to its Lord and is dutiful,
Ayat 3 - When the earth is stretched out taut
Ayat 4 - And throws out whatever it contains and is empty,
Ayat 5 - And hearkens to its Lord and is dutiful,
Ayat 6 - O man, you have to strive and go on striving towards your Lord, then will you meet Him.
Ayat 7 - And he who is given his ledger in his right hand
Ayat 8 - Will have an easy reckoning,
Ayat 9 - And will return to his people full of joy.
Ayat 10 - But he who is given his ledger from behind his back
Ayat 11 - Will pray for death,
Ayat 12 - But will be roasted in the fire.
Ayat 13 - He lived rejoicing among his people,
Ayat 14 - Never thinking he will return.
Ayat 15 - Why not? His Lord was always watching him.
Ayat 16 - So indeed I call to witness the evening twilight,
Ayat 17 - And the night and all it gathers,
Ayat 18 - And the moon when at the full,
Ayat 19 - That you will climb from stage to stage.
Ayat 20 - So, wherefore do they not believe?
Ayat 21 - And when the Qur´an is recited to them do not bow in adoration?
Ayat 22 - In fact the unbelievers disavow.
Ayat 23 - But God knows what they harbour in their breasts.
Ayat 24 - So give them news of painful punishment,
Ayat 25 - Except those who believe and do the right: For them there is reward unending.