Quran Surah 68 - Al-Qalam (The Pen)

Ayat 1 - NUN. I CALL to witness the pen and what they inscribe,
Ayat 2 - You are not demented by the grace of your Lord.
Ayat 3 - There is surely reward unending for you,
Ayat 4 - For you are verily born of sublime nature.
Ayat 5 - So you will see, and they will realise,
Ayat 6 - Who is distracted.
Ayat 7 - Verily your Lord knows those who have gone astray from His path, and He knows those who are guided on the way.
Ayat 8 - So do not comply with those who deny:
Ayat 9 - They only want that you should relent, so that they may come to terms.
Ayat 10 - Do not heed a contemptible swearer,
Ayat 11 - Or backbiter, calumniator, slanderer,
Ayat 12 - Who hinders men from (doing) good, the transgressor, the iniquitous,
Ayat 13 - Crude, and above all, mean and infamous,
Ayat 14 - Simply because he possesses wealth and children.
Ayat 15 - When you recite Our revelations to him, he says: "These are fables of long ago."
Ayat 16 - We shall brand him on the muzzle.
Ayat 17 - We have tried you as We tried the owners of the garden when they vowed to gather the fruits in the morning
Ayat 18 - But did not add: "If God may please."
Ayat 19 - Then a calamity from your Lord fell upon it, but they remained fast asleep.
Ayat 20 - So by the morning it seemed as though picked clean.
Ayat 21 - At daybreak they called to each other:
Ayat 22 - "If you want to gather the fruits, let us go early to the plantation."
Ayat 23 - So they departed, talking in low voices:
Ayat 24 - "Let no needy person come to you within it today."
Ayat 25 - They left early in the morning bent on this purpose.
Ayat 26 - When they saw (and did not recognise it) they said: "Surely we have lost the way.
Ayat 27 - No. In fact we have been deprived of it."
Ayat 28 - One who was temperate among them, said: "Did I not say: ´Why don´t you priase God?´"
Ayat 29 - "Glory to our Lord," they said; we were really in the wrong."
Ayat 30 - Then they started blaming one another,
Ayat 31 - Saying: "Alas the woe, we were iniquitous.
Ayat 32 - Maybe our Lord will give us better than this. We turn to our Lord in supplication."
Ayat 33 - Such is Our chastisement; and the punishment of the Hereafter will be greater, if only they knew!
Ayat 34 - For those who fear God there are pleasure gardens with their Lord.
Ayat 35 - Should We treat those who submit and obey in the same way as those who are culpable?
Ayat 36 - What has come upon you that you judge in such a wise?
Ayat 37 - Or have you a Book in which you read
Ayat 38 - That you can surely have whatever you choose?
Ayat 39 - Or have you taken a binding promise from Us which would hold till the Day of Judgement, that you will get whatever you demand?
Ayat 40 - Ask them: "Which of you is able to vouch for this?"
Ayat 41 - Or have they any partners? Let them bring their partners then, if what they say is true.
Ayat 42 - On the day the great calamity befalls, and they are called to bow in homage, they will not be able to do so.
Ayat 43 - Lowered will be their eyes, disgrace overwhelming them. They had indeed been called to bow in homage when they were free of blame.
Ayat 44 - So leave those who deny this Discourse to Me. We shall lead them step by step to (ruin) in a way they will not know.
Ayat 45 - Yet I will give them respite: Surely My plan is compact.
Ayat 46 - Do you ask for any compensation from them that they are burdened with want?
Ayat 47 - Or do they have knowledge of the unknown which they copy down?
Ayat 48 - So wait with patience for the judgement of your Lord, and do not be like (onah) of the fish who called (to his Lord) when he was choked with anger.
Ayat 49 - Had it not been for a favour from his Lord he would have been cast blame-worthy on a barren plain.
Ayat 50 - Then his Lord chose him and placed him among the upright.
Ayat 51 - But the unbelievers would like to stare you out of balance when they hear the warning, and say: "Surely he is possessed;"
Ayat 52 - Whilst it is no more than reminder for the people of the world.