Quran Surah 75 - Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection)

Ayat 1 - I CALL TO WITNESS the Day of Resurrection,
Ayat 2 - And I call the reprehensive soul to witness:
Ayat 3 - Does man think We shall not put his bones together?
Ayat 4 - Surely We are able to reform even his finger-tips.
Ayat 5 - Yet man is sceptical of what is right before him.
Ayat 6 - He asks: "When will the Day of Resurrection be?"
Ayat 7 - Yet when the eyes are dazzled,
Ayat 8 - The moon eclipsed,
Ayat 9 - And the sun and moon are conjoined,
Ayat 10 - That day man will say: "Where can I find escape?"
Ayat 11 - Never so, for there will be no escape.
Ayat 12 - With your Lord alone will be the retreat on that day.
Ayat 13 - Then man will be told what he had sent ahead (of good) and what he had left behind.
Ayat 14 - In fact man is a witness against himself,
Ayat 15 - Whatever the excuses he may offer.
Ayat 16 - Do not forestall (the revelation before its completion) by acting in haste.
Ayat 17 - Surely its collection and recitation are Our responsibility.
Ayat 18 - So, as We recite it, follow its reading.
Ayat 19 - The exposition of its meaning surely rests on Us.
Ayat 20 - But no. You love this transient life,
Ayat 21 - And neglect the Hereafter.
Ayat 22 - How many faces will be refulgent on that Day,
Ayat 23 - Waiting for their Lord.
Ayat 24 - And how many faces on that Day will be woe-begone
Ayat 25 - Fearing that a great disaster is going to befall them.
Ayat 26 - Never so, for when life withdraws into the clavicula,
Ayat 27 - And it is asked: "Is there any reciter of charms and amulets?"
Ayat 28 - He will then realise it is the parting,
Ayat 29 - And anguish will be heaped upon anguish:
Ayat 30 - To your Lord then will be the driving.
Ayat 31 - For he neither believed nor prayed,
Ayat 32 - But only disavowed and turned away;
Ayat 33 - Then he strutted back to his people.
Ayat 34 - Alas the woe for you, alas!
Ayat 35 - Alas, the woe for you!
Ayat 36 - Does man think that he will be left alone to himself, free?
Ayat 37 - Was he not an emitted drop of semen,
Ayat 38 - Then formed into an embryo? Then He fashioned, shaped and proportioned
Ayat 39 - And assigned it sexes, male and female.
Ayat 40 - Cannot such as He bring the dead to life?