Quran Surah 11 - Hud (Hud)

Ayat 1 - ALIF LAM RA. This is a Book whose verses are indeclinable and distinct, which comes from One who is most wise and all-knowing,
Ayat 2 - (Proclaiming) that you should worship none but God. Verily I bring to you from Him a message of warning and rejoicing,
Ayat 3 - And that you should seek His forgiveness and turn towards Him. He will bestow the best things of life on you for a time ordained, and favour those with blessings who are worthy of grace. But if you turn away, I fear the punishment of a terrible Day for you.
Ayat 4 - To God have you to go back, and He has power over everything.
Ayat 5 - Look, how they double up their breasts in order to hide from Him. But when they cover themselves up with their garments, He knows what they hide and what they expose. Indeed, He knows the secrets of the hearts.
Ayat 6 - There is not a creature that moves on the earth whose nourishment is not provided by God, whose place of sojourning and depositing is not known to Him. All things conform to a manifest law.
Ayat 7 - It is He who created the heavens and the earth In six spans, and has control over the waters (of life) so that he may bring out the best that everyone of you could do. Yet if you said to them: "You shall certainly be raised from the dead," the unbelievers will say: "This will be nothing but sorcery."
Ayat 8 - If We defer their punishment for a certain time, they will say: "What is keeping it back?" And yet, the day it comes, they will not be able to avert it; and what they used to laugh at will encompass them.
Ayat 9 - If We allow man to enjoy Our favours, and then take them away from him, he becomes despondent and ungrateful.
Ayat 10 - If We let him taste Our favours after adversity, he says: "Misfortune has left me," and begins to brag and exult,
Ayat 11 - Except those who endure with patience and do the right, who will have pardon and a great reward.
Ayat 12 - You may haply omit some of what has been revealed to you, and may be disheartened because they say: "Why was no treasure sent down to him, or an angel accompanied him?" Yet you have been sent to warn alone, for God takes care of everything.
Ayat 13 - Do they say (of the Prophet): "He has forged (the Qur´an)?" Say: "Then bring ten Surahs like it, and call anyone except God to help you, if what you say is true."
Ayat 14 - If they do not answer you, then know it has been revealed with the knowledge of God, and that there is no god but He. (And say:) "Will you now submit?"
Ayat 15 - To those who desire the life of this world and its many allures, We shall pay them in full for their acts herein and will not withold any thing.
Ayat 16 - Yet these are the people for whom there is nothing but Fire in the world to come. Fruitless will be what they have fashioned, and whatever they have done will perish.
Ayat 17 - Will he who has a clear proof from his Lord, which acts as evidence from Him, before which the Book of Moses was a way-giver and a grace, (not believe in it)? Whoever among the partisans does not believe in it shall have Hell as the promised award. So have no doubt about it, for surely it´s the truth from your Lord, though most men may not believe.
Ayat 18 - Who is more wicked than he who invents lies about God? Such men shall be arraigned before their Lord, and the witnesses will testify: "These are those who imputed lies to God." Beware! The scourge of God will fall on the unjust,
Ayat 19 - Who obstruct others from the way of God and seek obliquity in it, and do not believe in the life to come.
Ayat 20 - They shall not weaken (the power of) God on earth, nor find any other protector but God. Their punishment will be doubled, for they could neither hear nor see.
Ayat 21 - They are verily those who exceeded themselves, and the (gods) they invented abandoned them.
Ayat 22 - Undoubtedly they will be losers in the life to come.
Ayat 23 - But those who believe and do things good, and are humble before their Lord, are men of Paradise where they will abide for ever.
Ayat 24 - The semblance of these two groups is that of a man who is deaf and blind, and the other who can hear and see. Can they be equal? Why do you not reflect?
Ayat 25 - We sent Noah to his people (and he said): "I give you a clear warning.
Ayat 26 - Do not worship anyone but God; for I fear the punishment of a dreadful day for you."
Ayat 27 - The leaders of the people who were unbelievers, replied: "We see that you are but a man like us, and see that none among us follows you but the meanest and immature of judgement, and do not see any excellence in you above us. In fact, we think you are a liar."
Ayat 28 - He said: "O my people, think. If I have a clear proof from my Lord, and He has bestowed on me His grace, though unknown to you, can we force it upon you when you are averse?
Ayat 29 - I do not demand for it any wealth from you, O my people. My reward is with God. And I will not drive those away who believe. They have also to meet their Lord. But I see you are an ignorant people.
Ayat 30 - O my people, who will save me from God if I drive them away? Do you not understand?
Ayat 31 - I say not that I have the treasures of God, or that I possess the knowledge of the unknown. I do not claim to be an angel, nor can I say that God will not bestow any good on those you disdain, for God is cognisant of what is in their hearts. If I say this, I will surely be unjust."
Ayat 32 - They said: "O Noah, you have argued with us, and disputed at length; so bring that (retribution) you promise, if you speak the truth."
Ayat 33 - He replied: "Only God will bring it on you if He please, and you cannot prevail against Him.
Ayat 34 - Even if I wish to advise you aright, my counsel will not profit you if God intend that you go astray, for He is your Lord and to Him you will return."
Ayat 35 - Do they say you have fabricated it? Tell them: "If I have fabricated it, then mine is the guilt; but I am clear of what you are guilty."
Ayat 36 - And Noah was informed through revelation: "Apart from those who have come to believe already not one of your people is going to believe. So grieve not for what they are doing.
Ayat 37 - Build an ark under Our eye and as We instruct. Do not plead for those who have been wicked, for they shall certainly be drowned."
Ayat 38 - So he built the ark; and when groups of his people passed by him, they scoffed at him. He said to them: "Though you laugh at us (now), we shall laugh at you, as you are laughing at us.
Ayat 39 - You will soon come to know who suffers the punishment that would put him to shame, and who suffers lasting torment."
Ayat 40 - When Our command was issued and the waters gushed forth from the source, We said: "Take into (the ark) a pair of every species, and members of your family other than those against whom the sentence has been passed already, and those who come to believe." But only a few believed in him.
Ayat 41 - And (Noah) said: "Embark. In the name of God be its course and mooring. My Lord is surely forgiving and kind."
Ayat 42 - It sailed on waves like mountains (high), and Noah called to his son who was separated from him: "Embark with us, O my son, and be not one of those who do not believe. "
Ayat 43 - "I shall go up a mountain," he said, "which will keep me from the water." "There is no getting away," said Noah, "from the decree of God today, except for those on whom be His mercy." And a wave came between them, and he was among those who were drowned.
Ayat 44 - Then it was said: "O earth, swallow back your water; and, O sky, desist." And the water subsided, and the decree was accomplished. The ark came to rest on Judi (Mount Ararat), and it was said: "Away with the cursed people!"
Ayat 45 - Noah called on his Lord and said: "O Lord, my son is surely a member of my family, and verily Your promise is true, as You are the most just of all judges."
Ayat 46 - "O Noah", He answered, "truly he is not of your family. He is surely the outcome of an unrighteous act. So ask Me not of what you do not know. I warn you not to be one of the ignorant."
Ayat 47 - "Preserve me, O Lord," said (Noah), "from asking You that of which I have no knowledge. If You do not forgive me and have mercy on me I shall be among those who perish."
Ayat 48 - (And the Lord) said: "O Noah, disembark with peace and safety from Us and blessings on you and the people with you. As for some (of them), We shall bestow advantages for a time, then send a grievous punishment on them."
Ayat 49 - This is news of the Unknown We reveal to you, which neither you nor your people knew before. So endure with patience. The future is for those who keep away from evil and follow the straight path.
Ayat 50 - We sent to the people of ´Ad their brother Hud, who said: "O my people, worship God; you have no other god but He. (As for the idols,) you are only inventing lies.
Ayat 51 - O my people, I ask no recompense of you for it: My reward is with Him who created me. Will you not, therefore, understand?
Ayat 52 - O my people, beg your Lord to forgive you, and turn to Him in repentance. He will send down rain in torrents for you from the shies, and give you added strength. So do not turn away from Him as sinners."
Ayat 53 - They said: "O Hud, you have come to us with no proofs. We shall not abandon our gods because you say so, nor believe in you.
Ayat 54 - All we can say is that some of our gods have smitten you with evil." He replied:" I call God to witness, and you be witness too, that I am clear of what you associate (in your affairs)
Ayat 55 - Apart from Him. Contrive against me as much as you like, and give me no respite.
Ayat 56 - I place my trust in God who is my Lord and your Lord. There is no creature that moves on the earth who is not held by the forelock firmly by Him. Verily the way of my Lord is straight.
Ayat 57 - If you turn away, then (remember) I have delivered to you the message I was sent with. My Lord will put other people in your place, and you will not be able to prevail against Him. Indeed my Lord keeps a watch over all things."
Ayat 58 - So, when Our command was issued We rescued Hud by Our grace, and those who believed, with him, and saved them from a dreadful doom.
Ayat 59 - These were the people of ´Ad who denied the word of their Lord and rebelled against His apostles, and followed the bidding of every perverse tyrant.
Ayat 60 - So they were accursed in the world, and they will be damned on the Day of Doom. Beware! The ´Ad turned away from their Lord.
Ayat 61 - Be warned! Accursed are the people of ´Ad who were Hud´s. To Thamud We Sent their brother Saleh. "O my people," he said, "worship God; you have no other god but He. It is He who raised you from the earth and settled you upon it. So beg your Lord to forgive you, and turn to Him in repentance. Surely my Lord is near and answers."
Ayat 62 - They said: "O Saleh, we had placed our hopes in you, but you forbid us from worshipping that which our fathers worshipped, and we are suspicious of what you are calling us to."
Ayat 63 - He said: "O my people, have you considered that if my Lord has clearly shown me the way, and I have His blessings too, who will save me then from God if I disobey? You will only add to my ruin.
Ayat 64 - O my people, this she-camel of God is a token for you. So leave her alone to graze on God´s earth, and do not molest her, otherwise the swiftest punishment would befall you."
Ayat 65 - But they hamstrung her. Then (Saleh) said: "You have but three days to enjoy life in your homes. Infallible is this promise.
Ayat 66 - So, when Our command (of punishment) came We delivered Saleh by Our grace, and those who believed, with him, from the disgrace of that day. Verily your Lord is mighty and powerful.
Ayat 67 - The sinners were seized by a blast from heaven, and lay overturned in their homes in the morning,
Ayat 68 - As though they had never lived there at all. Beware! The people of Thamud turned away from their Lord. Beware! Accursed are the people of Thamud.
Ayat 69 - Our angels came to Abraham with good news, and said: "Peace on you. "Peace on you too," said Abraham, and hastened to bring a roasted calf.
Ayat 70 - When they did not stretch their hands towards it he became suspicious and afraid of them. They said: "Do not be afraid. We have been sent to the people of Lot."
Ayat 71 - His wife who stood near, laughed as We gave her the good news of Isaac, and after Isaac of Jacob.
Ayat 72 - She said: "Woe betide me! Will I give birth when I am old and this my husband be aged? This is indeed surprising!"
Ayat 73 - "Why are you surprised at the command of God? God´s mercy and blessings be upon you, O members of this household," they said. "Verily He is worthy of praise and glory."
Ayat 74 - When Abraham´s fear was dispelled, and the good news had come to him, he pleaded for the people of Lot with Us.
Ayat 75 - Abraham was kind, compassionate, and penitent.
Ayat 76 - "Desist from pleading, O Abraham," (they said). "Your Lord´s command has verily been issued, and a punishment that cannot be averted is bound to fall on them."
Ayat 77 - So when Our angels came to Lot, he grieved for them, and felt powerless to help them, and said: "This is a day of sorrow.
Ayat 78 - His people came excited to him. They were addicted to sin already. Said (Lot): "O my people, these daughters of mine are cleaner (and lawful) for you. Have fear of God, and do not shame me before my guests. Is there no man of discernment among you?"
Ayat 79 - They said: "You know we have no need for your daughters, and know well what we want."
Ayat 80 - "I wish I had the power to resist you," said (Lot), "or powerful support."
Ayat 81 - (The angels) said: "O Lot, we have verily been sent by your Lord. They will never be able to harm you. So, leave late at night with your family, and none of you should turn back to look; but your wife will suffer (the fate) they are going to suffer. Their hour of doom is in the morning: Is not the morning nigh?"
Ayat 82 - So when the decreed moment arrived, We turned the habitations upside down, and rained upon them stones of hardened lava in quick succession,
Ayat 83 - Impressed with (the signs) of your Lord. And such (punishment) is not far for the (other) transgressers.
Ayat 84 - We sent to Midian their brother Shu´aib. He said: "O my people, worship God; you have no other god but He. So do not give in short measure nor underweigh. I see you are prosperous, but I fear the doom of an overwhelming Day for you.
Ayat 85 - So, O my people, weigh and measure with justness, and do not withhold things due to men, and do not spread corruption in the land, despoiling it.
Ayat 86 - That which is left to you by God is better, if you are true believers; yet I am not a warden over you."
Ayat 87 - They said: "O Shu´aib, does your piety teach that we should abandon what our fathers worshipped, or desist from doing what we like with our goods? How gracious a man of discernment you are indeed!"
Ayat 88 - He said: "O my people, think. I have a clear sign from my Lord, who has also given me a goodly provision, and I do not wish for myself what I forbid you: I only wish to reform you as best I can. My success is from God alone. In Him I have placed my trust, and to Him I turn.
Ayat 89 - "O my people (I fear) lest your opposition to me should bring you the like of what befell the people of Noah or Hud or Saleh; and the people of Lot are not distant from you.
Ayat 90 - "Beg your Lord to forgive you, and turn to Him. Indeed my Lord is compassionate and loving."
Ayat 91 - They said: "O Shu´aib, much of what you say is meaningless to us, and then (for sure) you are powerless among us. But for your clan we would have stoned you to death. You have no power over us.
Ayat 92 - He said: "My clan seems mightier to you than God whom you neglect and push behind your backs. Surely what you do is within the power of my Lord.
Ayat 93 - Do on your part what you can, O people, I will do what I will. You will come to know who suffers the punishment that would put him to shame, and who is the liar. So watch; I am watching with you."
Ayat 94 - And when Our word came to pass, We rescued Shu´aib and those who believed, with him, by Our grace, but those who were wicked were seized by a punishment from heaven, and lay overturned in their homes in the morning.
Ayat 95 - As though they had not dwelt there at all. Beware! Condemmed were the people of Midian as those of Thamud had been before them!
Ayat 96 - We sent Moses with Our signs and full authority
Ayat 97 - To the Pharaoh and his nobles, but they followed the bidding of Pharaoh, though the bidding of Pharaoh was unrightful.
Ayat 98 - He shall be at the head of his people on the Day of Resurrection, and drive them into Hell like cattle driven to water -- what an evil watering-place to reach!
Ayat 99 - Damned will they be in this world, and on the Day of Doom how evil the gift that they will receive!
Ayat 100 - These are a few accounts of settlements that We narrate to you. Some still survive, and some have been mowed down.
Ayat 101 - We did not wrong them; they wronged themselves. When your Lord´s chastisement descended upon them, their gods, on whom they called apart from God, were not of the least avail, and all they did was only to add to their destruction.
Ayat 102 - Such is the punishment of your Lord when He seizes human settlements in the acts of wickedness. Surely His hold is grievous and terrible.
Ayat 103 - In this surely is a sign for him who fears the torment of the Hereafter, the day when mankind will be assembled together, which will be a day when all things would become evident.
Ayat 104 - We are deferring it only for a time ordained.
Ayat 105 - The day it comes no soul will dare say a word but by His leave; and some will be wretched, some will be blessed.
Ayat 106 - And those who are doomed, will be in Hell: For them will be sighing and sobbing,
Ayat 107 - Where they will dwell so long as heaven and earth endure, unless your Lord will otherwise. Verily your Lord does as He wills.
Ayat 108 - Those who are blessed will be in Paradise, where they will dwell so long as heaven and earth survive, unless your Lord wills otherwise: This will be a gift uninterrupted.
Ayat 109 - So, you should not entertain any doubt about those whom they worship: They only worship what their fathers had worshipped before them. We shall verily give them their meed without diminution.
Ayat 110 - Verily We gave to Moses the Book, but there was disagreement about it. Had the decree of your Lord (delaying it) not been issued the matter would have been settled between them. They are still suspicious of it and in doubt.
Ayat 111 - Surely your Lord will reward everyone in accordance with his deeds. He is certainly aware of all they do.
Ayat 112 - So, you and those who turned to God with you, should walk along the straight path as you have been commanded, and do not transgress, for He verily sees whatsoever you do.
Ayat 113 - Do not lean towards the wicked, or you will be caught in the flames of Hell, and have none to befriend you other than God, nor will you be given help.
Ayat 114 - Stand up for the service of prayer at the two ends of day and the first watch of night. Remember that good deeds nullify the bad. This is a reminder for those who are observant.
Ayat 115 - Be steadfast, for verily God does not let the reward of those who are upright and do good to go waste.
Ayat 116 - If only there had been men endued with virtue in the ages before you, who could preserve men from doing evil in the world, other than the few We saved from among them. Those who were wicked followed that which made them dissolute, and became sinners.
Ayat 117 - Your Lord would not surely destroy unjustly human habitations so long as the people are righteous.
Ayat 118 - But if your Lord had pleased He could have made all human beings into one community of belief. But they would still have differed from one another,
Ayat 119 - Except those on whom your Lord had mercy for which He has created them. But fulfilled shall be the word of your Lord. "I will fill up Hell with jinns and men."
Ayat 120 - The histories of apostles that We relate to you are (meant) to strengthen your heart. Through them has the truth come to you, and guidance, and reminder to those who believe.
Ayat 121 - Say to the infidels. "Act as best you can, we are acting too;
Ayat 122 - And wait (for what is to come), we are also waiting (to see)."
Ayat 123 - To God belong the secrets of the heavens and the earth, and all things will go back to Him. So worship Him and put your trust in Him; your Lord is not heedless of what you do.