अरण्य-काण्ड > रावण का सीता हरण और जटायु दर्शन

Seetha's abduction takes place now. Ravana forcefully abducts Seetha in his air-chariot. She bewails and bemoans for Rama and Lakshmana and appeals to all nature to inform Rama about this abduction. Finally, she sees Jatayu, the eagle, and asks him to narrate her abduction to Rama.

सीताया वचनम् श्रुत्वा दशग्रीवः प्रतापवान् |
हस्ते हस्तम् समाहत्य चकार सुमहत् वपुः || ३-४९-१
On hearing Seetha's words that valorous ten-headed Ravana loudly clapped in dissent for once and divulged his very mighty body. [3-49-1]
स मैथिलीम् पुनः वाक्यम् बभाषे वाक्य कोविदः |
न उन्मत्तया श्रुतौ मन्ये मम वीर्य पराक्रमौ || ३-४९-२
That wordsmith Ravana again spoke these words to Maithili, "Perhaps you have not heard about my valour and vanquishes in all your madness for Rama. [3-49-2]
उद् वहेयम् भुजाभ्याम् तु मेदिनीम् अंबरे स्थितः |
आपिबेयम् समुद्रम् च मृत्युम् हन्याम् रणे स्थितः || ३-४९-३
"Standing on the sky I can lift up the earth with two of my arms, I can completely gulp down any ocean, standing in war I can even put the Death to death. [3-49-3]
अर्कम् तुंद्याम् शरैः तीक्ष्णैर् विभिंद्याम् हि महीतलम् |
काम रूपिणम् उन्मत्ते पश्य माम् कामदम् पतिम् || ३-४९-४
"Indeed, I can split the Sun and splinter the earth with my splitting arrows, oh, mad woman, I can assume any form as I wish, and endow any wish you wish, such as I am, I must be your husband, behold me." So said Ravana when revealing his real nature. [3-49-4]
एवम् उक्तवतः तस्य रावणस्य शिखि प्रभे |
क्रुद्धस्य हरि पर्यन्ते रक्ते नेत्रे बभूवतुः || ३-४९-५
While the infuriated Ravana is saying in that way his eyes which by themselves are torchlit in their shine have became further bloodshot and blackened at their edges. [3-49-5]
सद्यः सौम्यम् परित्यज्य तीक्ष्ण रूपम् स रावणः |
स्वम् रूपम् काल रूप आभम् भेजे वैश्रवण अनुजः || ३-४९-६
Immediately discarding the gentle form of a Brahman friar, that younger brother of Kubera, Ravana, assumed his own ferocious form which is similar to the form of Terminator. [3-49-6]
संरक्त नयनः श्रीमान् तप्त कांचन भूषणः |
क्रोधेन महता आविष्टो नील जीमूत सन्निभः || ३-४९-७
दश आस्यो विंशति भुजो बभूव क्षणदा चरः |
That celebrated Ravana whose eyes are bloodshot as he is ensorcelled by desperate fury transmuted his form into a tend-faced, twenty-armed night-walker wearing golden ornaments of purified gold and appearing as a black tempestuous cloud. [3-49-7, 8a]
स परिव्राजक च्छद्म महाकायो विहाय तत् || ३-४९-८
प्रतिपेदे स्वकम् रूपम् रावणो राक्षस अधिपः |
रक्त अंबर धरः तस्थौ स्त्री रत्नम् प्रेक्ष्य मैथिलीम् || ३-४९-९
On discarding that guise of a Brahman friar that sovereign of demons Ravana educed his own physique and then that mighty bodied one attired in reddish clothing stood before Maithili observing that gem of a lady. [3-49-8b, 9]
स ताम् असित केश अन्ताम् भास्करस्य प्रभाम् इव |
वसन आभरण उपेताम् मैथिलीम् रावणो अब्रवीत् || ३-४९-१०
She whose tresses are glossily blackish until their ends, and who has on her glittering jewellery and silken-ochry-sari, whereby who is imperceivable like sun's glaring shine, to such Maithili Ravana spoke. [3-49-10]
त्रिषु लोकेषु विख्यातम् यदि भर्तारम् इच्छसि |
माम् आश्रय वरारोहे तव अहम् सदृशः पतिः || ३-४९-११
"If you wish to have a husband of well-renown in three worlds you seek shelter in me, oh, high-hipped lady, I alone will match up to you as husband. [3-49-11]
माम् भजस्व चिराय त्वम् अहम् श्लाघ्यः पतिः तव |
न एव च अहम् क्वचित् भद्रे करिष्ये तव विप्रियम् || ३-४९-१२
त्यज्यताम् मानुषो भावो मयि भावः प्रणीयताम् |
"Ultimately you have a much-lauded husband in me, as such you oblige me, and I will not cause any displeasure to you at any point of time. Let your heart refrain from that humanly Rama and you start bringing round your heart towards me. [3-49-12, 13a]
राज्यात् च्युतम् असिद्ध अर्थम् रामम् परिमित आयुषम् || ३-४९-१३
कैः गुणैः अनुरक्ता असि मूढे पण्डित मानिनि |
यः स्त्रिया वचनात् राज्यम् विहाय ससुहृत् जनम् || ३-४९-१४
अस्मिन् व्याल अनुचरिते वने वसति दुर्मतिः |
"Oh, halfwitted lady, you who deem yourself a highly intellectual lady, listen, that mindless Rama who just by a word of a woman forebode kingdom along with all of his amiable people, and lives in this forest where the predators are on the prowl, thus he who is spurned off from kingdom, ungainful are his purposes, and who is even a short-lived human, I wonder by what merits you are impassioned for such a Rama?" Thus Ravana spoke to Seetha. [3-49-13b, 14, 15a]
इति उक्त्वा मैथिलीम् वाक्यम् प्रिय अर्हाम् प्रिय वादिनीम् || ३-४९-१५
अभिगम्य सुदुष्ट आत्मा राक्षसः काम मोहितः |
जग्राह रावणः सीताम् बुधः खे रोहिणीम् इव || ३-४९-१६
On saying that sentence to Maithili, who by herself is a nice talker and who is a proper one for addressing with nice words, that verily evil-minded demon Ravana maddened by lust drew nigh of Seetha and grabbed her, as Budha, the Jupiter grabs the Star Rohini in firmament. [3-49-15b, 16]
वामेन सीताम् पद्माक्षीम् मूर्धजेषु करेण सः |
ऊर्वोः तु दक्षिणेन एव परिजग्राह पाणिना || ३-४९-१७
He that Ravana grabbed the lotus-eyed Seetha on lifting her up with his left hand at her plait of hair at nape, and with his right hand at her thighs. [3-49-17]
तम् दृष्ट्वा गिरि शृंग आभम् तीक्ष्ण दंष्ट्रम् महा भुजम् |
प्राद्रवन् मृत्यु संकाशम् भय आर्ता वन देवताः || ३-४९-१८
On seeing him who grabbed Seetha, who has incisive fangs, mightily armed and who is shining forth like a mountain crest and similar to Death, the forest deities quickly fled away terrorised by his terrorism. [3-49-18]
स च मायामयो दिव्यः खर युक्तः खर स्वनः |
प्रत्यदृश्यत हेमांगो रावणस्य महारथः || ३-४९-१९
Then the miracle-air-chariot of Ravana which is miraculously designed to appear and disappear at the wish of its master, yoked with miraculous mules, and built with its golden wheels and parts, appeared afore Ravana braying noisily. [3-49-19]
ततः ताम् परुषैः वाक्यैः अभितर्ज्य महास्वनः |
अंकेन आदाय वैदेहीम् रथम् आरोपयत् तदा || ३-४९-२०
Then he whose voice is strident that Ravana lifted her up by her waist and got Vaidehi up on the air-chariot intimidating her with bitter words. [3-49-20]
सा गृहीता अतिचुक्रोश रावणेन यशस्विनी |
रामा इति सीता दुःख आर्ता रामम् दूरम् गतम् वने || ३-४९-२१
Agonised with anguish when gone into the captivity of Ravana, she that glorious Seetha wailed loudly for Rama saying 'oh, Rama,' which Rama has gone deep into the forest by then. [3-49-21]
ताम् अकामाम् स काम आर्तः पन्नग इन्द्र वधूम् इव |
विवेष्टमानाम् आदाय उत्पपात अथ रावणः || ३-४९-२२
Ravana who is infatuated with lust picked her up, which lady is disinclined for any kind of sensuality and who is verily writhing like the wife of King Cobra, and then he surged skyward and flew off with her in his air-chariot. [3-49-22]
ततः सा राक्षसेन्द्रेण ह्रियमाणा विहायसा |
भृशम् चुक्रोश मत्ता इव भ्रांत चित्ता यथा आतुरा || ३-४९-२३
While that lord of demons is abducting her in the skyway, Seetha became frenzied with bewildered faculties and then bawled stridently like a hysterical person. [3-49-23]
हा लक्ष्मण महाबाहो गुरु चित्त प्रसादक |
ह्रियमाणाम् न जानीषे रक्षसा काम रूपिणा || ३-४९-२४
"Haa, greatly dextrous Lakshmana... oh, rejoicer of your mentor... you are incognisant of me who am being abducted by this demon who is a dissembler. [3-49-24]
जीवितम् सुखम् अर्थाम् च धर्म हेतोः परित्यजन् |
ह्रियमाणाम् अधर्मेण माम् राघव न पश्यसि || ३-४९-२५
"Oh, Raghava, you have relinquished your high-life, happiness, and riches for the sake of righteousness, and though you avowed to protect your observants, you are unobservant of me who am being abducted by the unrighteousness itself. [3-49-5]
ननु नाम अविनीतानाम् विनेता असि परंतप |
कथम् एवम् विधम् पापम् न त्वम् शास्सि हि रावणम् || ३-४९-२६
"Oh, enemy-inflamer Rama, I reckon that you are an absolute controller of uncontrollable beings, I wonder why you are not controlling this kind of sinner, Ravana, indeed?" This is how Seetha started her cry in wilderness. [3-49-26]
ननु सद्यो अविनीतस्य दृश्यते कर्मणः फलम् |
कालो अपि अंगी भवति अत्र सस्यानाम् इव पक्तये || ३-४९-२७
"Indeed, the result for an evil act will not be apparent instantaneously. Even the time becomes a factor in the matter of cause and effect, as with the crops becoming cookable after certain time lag." Thus, she is addressing Ravana now. [3-49-27]
त्वम् कर्म कृतवान् एतत् काल उपहत चेतनः |
जीवित अंतकरम् घोरम् रामात् व्यसनम् आप्नुहि || ३-४९-२८
"The Time has battered your brains and as an infringer you have undertaken this particular exploit, whereby you will get a devastating and life-ending tribulation from Rama." Thus, she upbraided Ravana. [3-49-28]
हन्त इदानीम् सकामा तु कैकेयी बान्धवैः सह |
ह्रियेयम् धर्म कामस्य धर्म पत्नी यशस्विनः || ३-४९-२९
"An honest wife of a glorious one who aspires nothing but honesty, such a wife of Rama as I am, I am being abducted, thus the aspiration of Kaikeyi and her kinfolk has now come true. Oh, god!" Thus, she soliloquised. [3-49-29]
आमंत्रये जनस्थानम् कर्णिकारान् च पुष्पितान् |
क्षिप्रम् रामाय शंसध्वम् सीताम् हरति रावणः || ३-४९-३०
"I call the attention of the flowered Karnikaara trees of Janasthaana, you inform Rama that Ravana is thieving Seetha." Thus, she is addressing the woods and others on the ground from air-chariot. [3-49-30]
हंस सारस संघुष्टाम् वन्दे गोदावरीम् नदीम् |
क्षिप्रम् रामाय शंस त्वम् सीताम् हरति रावणः || ३-४९-३१
"I pray you who are with the bustle of swans and saarasa water birds, oh, River Godavari, you promptly tell Rama that Ravana is thieving Seetha. [3-49-31]
दैवतानि च यान्ति अस्मिन् वने विविध पादपे |
नमस्करोमि अहम् तेभ्यो भर्तुः शंसत माम् हृताम् || ३-४९-३२
"I also venerate you, the sylvan deities that travel in this forest with diverse trees or, those that abide on the treetops, you may please inform my husband that I am being stolen. [3-49-32]
यानि कानिचित् अपि अत्र सत्त्वानि निवसन्ति उत |
सर्वाणि शरणम् यामि मृग पक्षि गणान् अपि || ३-४९-३३
"Or, over there, some few beings that are living over there on the ground below, I seek shelter of all the flocks of birds and hoards of animals, and I pray you to convey this news. [3-49-33]
ह्रियमाणाम् प्रियाम् भर्तुः प्राणेभ्यो अपि गरीयसीम् |
विवश अपहृता सीता रावणेन इति शंसत || ३-४९-३४
"Inform my husband about his dear and loftier wife than his lives, saying that, 'helpless Seetha is stolen by Ravana.' [3-49-34]
विदित्वा माम् महाबाहुः अमुत्र अपि महाबलः |
आनेष्यति पराक्रम्य वैवस्वत हृताम् अपि || ३-४९-३५
"If that ambidextrous Rama comes to know about me, even if I am taken to heavens, or, even if I am impounded by Death, that great-mighty Rama brings me back, on aggressing against all of the gods in heaven, or, against Yama, the Death God." Thus, she appealed to one and all, but in vain. [3-49-35]
सा तदा करुणा वाचो विलपंती सुदुःखिता |
वनस्पति गतम् ग्रिध्रम् ददर्श आयत लोचना || ३-४९-३६
She that wide-eyed Seetha who is highly anguished and bewailing with pitiable words then with a wide-eyed expectancy saw the eagle Jatayu perching on a tree. [3-49-36]
सा तम् उद् वीक्ष्य सुश्रोणी रावणस्य वशम् गता |
समाक्रंदत् भयपरा दुःख उपहतया गिरा || ३-४९-३७
She that well-waisted lady who has gone into the captivity of Ravana craned and stared at the eagle, and worsted by fear she shrieked squeakily with a stuttering voice that is walloped with anguish. [3-49-37]
जटायो पश्य मम आर्य ह्रियमाणम् अनाथ वत् |
अनेन राक्षसेद्रेण करुणम् पाप कर्मणा || ३-४९-३८
"Oh, fatherly Jatayu, see me, like an orphanized one I am pitiably abducted by this lord of demons with sinister deeds. [3-49-38]
न एष वारयितुम् शक्यः त्वया क्रूरो निशाचर |
सत्त्ववान् जितकाशी च स आयुधः चैव दुर्मतिः || ३-४९-३९
"It is impossible for you to forestall this merciless night-walker, for he is formidable, shining forth with cunning conquests, also thus this wicked minded one is with weaponry. [3-49-39]
रामाय तु यथा तत्त्वम् जटायो हरणम् मम |
लक्ष्मणाय च तत् सर्वम् आख्यातव्यम् अशेषतः || ३-४९-४०
"Oh, Jatayu, everything about my abduction shall be narrated to Rama, or to Lakshmana, as it has happened in its entirety." Thus Seetha supplicated Jatayu. [3-49-40]
इति वाल्मीकि रामायणे आदि काव्ये अरण्य काण्डे एको न पंचाशः सर्गः