अयोध्या-काण्ड > पिता कि मृत्यु का समाचार

Bharata replies that it is an established practice for the eldest son to become a king and requests Rama to come to Ayodhya and get crowned in the kingdom for the welfare of Ikshvaku race. Bharata requests Rama to offer traditional libations of water to their deceased father, who died wtih the thought of Rama alone, absorbed in his mind.
रामस्य वचनम् श्रुत्वा भरतः प्रत्युवाच ह |
किम् मे धर्माद्विहीनस्य राजधर्मः करिष्यति || २-१०२-१
Hearing Rama's words, Bharata replied as follows: "What will the discharge of royal duties amount to me, who is outside of that code?"
शाश्वतोऽयं सदा ध्रमः स्थितोऽस्मासु नरर्षभ |
जेष्ठपुत्रे स्थ्ते राजन् न कनीयान् नृपो भवेत् || २-१०२-२
"O, the foremost of men! O, Majesty! It has been ever the established tradition in us that while the elder son is there, the younger one cannot become a king."
स समृद्धां मया सार्धमयोध्यां गच्छ राघव |
अभिषेचय चात्मानं कुलस्यास्य भवाय नः ||२-१०२-३
"O, Rama! Therefore, come to the prosperous Ayodhya along with me and get anointed in kingdom for the welfare of our race."
राजानं मानुषं प्राहुर्देवत्वे सम्मतो मम |
यस्य धर्मार्थसहितं वृत्तमाहुरमानुषम् || २-१०२-४
"The king, whom people speak of as a human being and whose conduct is in conformity with righteousness and worldly prosperity, they declare as super- human, is conceded by me as a god-head."
केकयस्थे च मयि तु त्वयि चारण्यमाश्रिते |
दिवमार्यो गतो राजा यायजूकः सतां मतः || २-१०२-५
"While I was there in Kekaya kingdom and you had proceeded tot he forest, the king Dasaratha, the revered one who was given to the performance of sacrifices and was honoured by the virtuous, has gone to heaven."
निष्क्रान्तमात्रे भवति सहसीते सलक्ष्मणे |
दुःखशोकाभिभूतस्तु राजा त्रिदिवमभ्यगात् || २-१०२-६
"Hardly were you gone with Seetha and Lakshmana, than the king succumbed to misfortune and grief and ascended to the most sacred heaven."
उत्तिष्ठ पुरुषव्याघ्र क्रियतामुदकं पितुः |
अहं चायं च शत्रुघ्नः पूर्वमेव कृतोदकौ || २-१०२-७
"Arise, O the Tiger among men! Let the traditional libations of water be offered to our father. Shatrughna and I have previously done it."
प्रियेण खलु दत्तं हि पितृलोकेषु राघव |
अक्षय्यं भवतीत्याहुर्भवांश्चैव पितुः प्रियः || २-१०२-८
"O, Rama! It is said that the one given by an affectionate son becomes measureless and you undoubtedly are beloved to our father."
त्वामेव शोचंस्तव दर्शनेप्सुः |
त्वयेव सक्तामनिवर्त्य बुद्धिम् |
त्वया विहीनस्तव शोकमग्न |
स्त्वाम् संस्मरन्नस्तमितः पिता ते || २-१०२-९
"Entirely abandoned by you, lamenting about you, desirous of beholding you, being not able to turn away his mind absorbed in you alone, immersed in grief of you and recollecting you, your father died."
इत्यार्षे श्रीमद्रामायणे आदिकाव्ये अयोध्याकाण्डे दुव्य्त्तरशततमः सर्गः