किष्किन्धा-काण्ड > हनुमान जी के समझाने पे सुग्रीव का नील को वानर सेना एकत्र करने का आदेश

Sugreeva on his enthronement and gaining an interval of rainy reason, lapses into lavish enjoyment of sensual pleasures. His indulgence becomes overindulgence and makes him to forget his promise-oriented duty to search for Seetha. As an intelligent minister, Hanuma approaches Sugreeva and enlightens Sugreeva about his duty for the requital of help rendered by Rama. Ordering Niila, a commander of monkey forces, for foregathering all monkey troops within fifteen days, Sugreeva re-enters his palace-chambers, dragged by his sensual pleasures.

समीक्ष्य विमलम् व्योम गत विद्युत् बलाहकम् |
सारसा आकुल संघुष्टम् रम्य ज्योत्स्ना अनुलेपनम् || ४-२९-१
समृद्ध अर्थम् च सुग्रीवम् मन्द धर्मार्थ संग्रहम् |
अत्यर्थम् च असताम् मार्गम् एकांत गत मानसम् || ४-२९-२
निवृत्त कार्यम् सिद्धार्थम् प्रमद अभिरतम् सदा |
प्राप्तवन्तम् अभिप्रेतान् सर्वान् एव मनोरथान् || ४-२९-३
स्वाम् च पात्नीम् अभिप्रेताम् ताराम् च अपि समीप्सिताम् |
विहरंतम् अहो रात्रम् कृतार्थम् विगत ज्वरम् || ४-२९-४
क्रीडन्तम् इव देवेशम् गन्धर्व अप्सरसाम् गणैः |
मंत्रिषु न्यस्त कार्यम् च मंत्रिणाम् अनवेक्षकम् || ४-२९-५
उच्छिन्न राज्य संदेहम् काम वृत्तम् इव स्थितम् |
निश्चित अर्थो अर्थ तत्त्वज्ञः काल धर्म विशेष वित् || ४-२९-६
प्रसाद्य वाक्यैः मधुरैः हेतुमद्भिः मनो रमैः |
वाक्यवित् वाक्य तत्त्वज्ञम् हरीशम् मारुतात्मजः || ४-२९-७
हितम् तथ्यम् च पथ्यम् च साम धर्म अर्थ नीतिमत् |
प्रणय प्रीति संयुक्तम् विश्वास कृत निश्चयम् || ४-२९-८
हरीश्वरम् उपागम्य हनुमान् वाक्यम् अब्रवीत् |
On observing clear sky on which back-clouds and electric charges have disappeared, on which Saarasa birds are vibrantly bustling and delightful moonshine is coated, and even on observing him whose riches are abundant, who has slowed down in accumulating probity and prosperity from the viewpoint of rectitude, highly engrossed in the course of unvirtuous profligates, whose heart is given to undisturbed privacy, and the one who on achieving his goals and dearest longings has turned away from other pursuits, who regained his choicest wife, and gained highly covetable Lady Tara, thus, who is always indulged in females, merrymaking day in and day out on a par with Indra, which Indra will be sporting with the cohorts of gandharva and apsara females, thereby he who is making much of his fortune on getting rid of other problems, besides, he who reposed the activity of kingdom in his ministers, yet, who does not make eyes at those ministers as he is doubtless of the kingdom which was once disrupted from his control, because, that kingdom is looked after well by the very same ministers, as such he is wallowing in promiscuity, such as he is, seeking the presence of such a Sugreeva, king of monkeys and an explicator, and even on winning his grace, he who is forthright regarding norms of ethics, an exceptional knower of subtleties of transactions and the rubrics of duty and time, that golden-tongued Hanuma, the son of Air-god, spoke sweet words that are reasonable, heart-pleasing, beneficial, pragmatic, profitable, impressive, immaculate, imperative, and impartial, and which words are also inclusive of care and concern of Hanuma, on making a determination with a belief that Sugreeva will pay heed to his words. [4-29-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9a]
राज्यम् प्राप्तम् यशः चैव कौली श्रीः अभिवर्थिता || ४-२९-९
मित्राणाम् संग्रहः शेषः तत् भवान् कर्तुम् अर्हति |
"Acquired is the kingdom and glory as well, thus enriched is your dynastic prosperity, but foregathering friends is still remaining, and it will be apt of you to negotiate it. [4-29-9b, 10a]
यो हि मित्रेषु कालज्ञः सततम् साधु वर्तते || ४-२९-१०
तस्य राज्यम् च कीर्तिः च प्रतापः च अपि वर्धते |
"Indeed, he who really conducts himself punctually and amicably with friends, his kingdom, glory and valour will flourish. [4-29-10b, 11a]
यस्य कोशः च दण्डः च मित्राणि आत्मा च भूमिप |
समानि एतानि सर्वाणि स राज्यम् महत् अश्नुते || ४-२९-११
"Matchless kingdom is his who can keep his treasury, army, friends and his own sovereignty - all these four, in equiponderance. [4-29-11b, c]
तत् भवान् वृत्त संपन्नः स्थितः पथि निरत्यये |
मित्रार्थम् अभिनीतार्थम् यथावत् कर्तुम् अर्हति || ४-२९-१२
"Therefore, as the one with straightforward actions firstly you resort to an unimperilled course of action, lest any peril is imminent, and it will be apt of you to dutifully achieve the purpose of your friend Rama, for which alone Rama along with Lakshmana came to you, thus let your power preponderate. [4-29-12]
संत्यज्य सर्व कर्माणि मित्रार्थम् यो न वर्तते |
संभ्रमात् हि कृत उत्साहः सः अनर्थेन अवरुध्यते || ४-२९-१३
"Adversity thwarts him who comports himself with overenthusiasm only in self-indulgences, and who does not expeditiously strive for the sake of his friend leaving off all other activities of self-indulgence. [4-29-13]
यो हि काल व्यतीतेषु मित्र कार्येषु वर्तते |
स कृत्वा महतो अपि अर्थान् न मित्रार्थेन युज्यते || ४-२९-१४
"One who belatedly functions for the present mission of his friend, he will indeed be unassociated with that mission, despite of the fact that he has once performed great deeds in respect of the same friend. [4-29-14]
तत् इदम् मित्रकार्यम् नः काल अतीतम् अरिंदम |
क्रियताम् राघवस्य एतत् वैदेह्याः परिमार्गणम् || ४-२९-१५
"Hence, the task of our friend is delayed, oh, enemy-destroyer, searching for Vaidehi is Raghava's mission and let it be done. [4-29-15]
न च कालम् अतीतम् ते निवेदयति कालवित् |
त्वरमाणो अपि स प्राज्ञः तव राजन् वशानुगः || ४-२९-१६
"Though the time is lagging, oh, king, that insightful and punctual Rama is not indicating about it to you, though he is hurrying to complete his mission within a time-frame, because he is following you alone abiding under the control abiding by your promise. [4-29-16]
कुलस्य हेतुः स्फीतस्य दीर्घ बन्धुः च राघवः |
अप्रमेय प्रभावः च स्वयम् च अप्रतिमो गुणैः || ४-२९-१७
"Raghava is the cause for augmentation of multitudes, a long-lasting covenentor, and even an undefinable one in his proficiency, and an unparalleled one by his grace. [4-29-17]
तस्य त्वम् कुरु वै कार्यम् पूर्वम् तेन कृतम् तव |
हरीश्वर हरि श्रेष्ठान् आज्ञापयितुम् अर्हसि || ४-२९-१८
"Certainly you have to carry through his mission as he has carried out your mission previously, and oh, lord of monkeys, it will be apt of you to summon worthy monkeys for searching Seetha. [4-29-18]
न हि तावत् भवेत् कालो व्यतीतः चोदनात् ऋते |
चोदितस्य हि कार्यस्य भवेत् काल व्यतिक्रमः || ४-२९-१९
"As long as Rama is not going to prod us for action deem that there is no time lapse, but the minute he does deem it as lapsed. [4-29-19]
अकर्तुर् अपि कार्यस्य भवान् कर्ता हरीश्वर |
किम् पुनः प्रतिकर्तुः ते राज्येन च वधेन च || ४-२९-२०
"You are a helpful one even to those that are unhelpful to you, oh, king of monkeys, then why repeat about him who helped you in getting your kingdom, and even in killing your enemy, Vali.


"Even if Rama did not help you in getting your kingdom and killing Vali you have to render your help to Rama, for you are a beacon of friendship and you are a helpful one without seeking any requital... then why you are delaying...[4-29-20]
शक्तिमान् अतिविक्रान्तो वानर ऋष्क गण ईश्वर |
कर्तुम् दाशरथेः प्रीतिम् आज्ञायाम् किम् नु सज्जसे || ४-२९-२१
"Highly adventurous and powerful vanara as you are, oh, lord of multitudes of monkeys and bears, why do you really temporise in issuing orders to fulfil the cherish of Rama. [4-29-21]
कामम् खलु शरैः शक्तः सुर असुर महा उरगान् |
वशे दाशरथिः कर्तुम् त्वत् प्रतिज्ञाम् अवेक्षते || ४-२९-२२
"If need be Rama of Dasharatha is really capable of keeping gods, demons and great-vipers under his control with his arrows, but he is anticipating fulfilment of your promise. [4-29-22]
प्राण त्याग अविशंकेन कृतम् तेन महत् प्रियम् |
तस्य मार्गाम वैदेहीम् पृथिव्याम् अपि च अंबरे || ४-२९-२३
"He fulfilled an exceptional cherish of yours without much doubting for the forfeiture of his own life, hence we search for his wife Vaidehi anywhere on earth or even on skies. [4-29-23]
न देवा न च गंधर्वा न असुरा न मरुत् गणाः |
न च यक्षा भयम् तस्य कुर्युः किम् इव राक्षसाः || ४-२९-२४
"Gods cannot cause dismay to him, then gandharva-s - no; multitudes of wind-gods - no; asura-s - no; yaksha-s - no; and then wherefore the raakshasa-s can? [4-29-24]
तत् एवम् शक्ति युक्तस्य पूर्वम् प्रिय कृतः तथा |
रामस्य अर्हसि पिंगेश कर्तुम् सर्व आत्मना प्रियम् || ४-२९-२५
"Therefore, oh, lord of monkeys, that Rama is energetic to exert himself, but he fulfilled your aspiration earlier, and it will be apt of you requite him with his aspiration at all events. [4-29-25]
न अधस्तात् अवनौ न अप्सु गतिः न उपरि च अम्बरे |
कस्यचित् सज्जते अस्माकम् कपीश्वर तव आज्ञया || ४-२९-२६
"In case you were ordering us, oh, king of monkeys, among us whosoever he may be his impetus will be unhampered either in netherworlds, or in water, or up above on the sky. [4-29-26]
तत् आज्ञापय कः किम् ते कुतो वा अपि व्यवस्यतु |
हरयो हि अप्रधृष्याः ते सन्ति कोटि अग्रतो अनघ || ४-२९-२७
"Therefore command us, oh, merited one, as you have more than ten million unchallengeable monkeys under your command, as to who should start from where and for which purpose, and as to how one should exert himself." Thus Hanuma appealed to Sugreeva. [4-29-27]
तस्य तद् वचनम् श्रुत्वा काले साधु निरूपितम् |
सुग्रीवः सत्त्व संपन्नः चकार मतिम् उत्तमाम् || ४-२९-२८
On hearing the words of Hanuma that are validly demonstrated on time, Sugreeva whose soldiery is substantial, took a noble decision. [4-29-28]
संदिदेश अति मति मान् नीलम् नित्य कृत उद्यमम् |
दिक्षु सर्वासु सर्वेषाम् सैन्यानाम् उपसंग्रहे || ४-२९-२९
And the noble minded Sugreeva directed Nila, one of the commanders of vanara army, and who always strives to foregather vanara army, to foregather all of the monkey-forces available in all the directions. [4-29-29]
यथा सेना समग्रा मे यूथपालाः च सर्वशः |
समागच्छन्ति असंगेन सेनाग्राणि तथा कुरु || ४-२९-३०
"You have to have organise that way as to how my army in its entirety and from all over, together with corps commanders, is to be marshalled to stay in the cutting edge of army. [4-29-30]
ये तु अंतपालाः प्लवगाः शीघ्रगा व्यवसायिनः |
समानयंतु ते शीघ्रम् त्वरिताः शासनात् मम |
स्वयम् च अनंतरम् सैन्यम् भवान् एव अनुपश्यतु || ४-२९-३१
"Those that are the quickstepped, venturesome fly-jumpers who are the defenders on the perimeter of army, they shall be fetched quickly an speedily at my order, and oh, Niila, you on your own have to personally and closely monitor the military establishment without any heterogeneity. [4-29-31]
त्रि पंच रात्रात् ऊर्ध्वम् यः प्राप्नुयात् इह वानरः |
तस्य प्राण अन्तिको दण्डो न अत्र कार्या विचारणा || ४-२९-३२
"And, the monkey who arrives here after fifteen nights, to him termination of life is the punishment, there is no business for further adjudication. [4-29-32]
हरीन् च वृद्धान् उपयातु स अंगदो
भवान् मम आज्ञाम् अधिकृत्य निश्चितम् |
इति व्यवस्थाम् हरि पुंगव ईश्वरो
विधाय वेश्म प्रविवेश वीर्यवान् || ४-२९-३३
"Associated with Angada you shall approach elderly monkeys like Jambavanta and others, according to my decision and authorised by my order." Thus, Sugreeva, the king of best monkeys on assigning the set-up, and ordering Niila, the Commander of Vanara Forces, that glorious Sugreeva re-entered his palace-chambers. [4-29-33]
इति वाल्मीकि रामायणे आदि काव्ये किष्किन्ध काण्डे एकोन त्रिंश सर्गः