किष्किन्धा-काण्ड > श्री राम का घटनाक्रम बताना एवं सुग्रीव और हनुमान का सहायता का आश्वासन

Lakshmana explains about Seetha's abduction and their inability to trace her whereabouts. As informed earlier by a demon freed from his curse and who became a celestial, Lakshmana says that they are searching for one Sugreeva, King of Vanmara-s, to befriend him in order to take help in searching for Seetha. Hanuma who is on a similar mission to befriend these two warriors, as instructed by Sugreeva in the earlier chapter, comes to a conclusion that the needs of both the friends would be fulfilled. Then Hanuma takes the two bothers on his back to the place where Sugreeva is hiding from Vali.

ततः प्रहृष्टो हनुमान् कृत्यवान् इति तत् वचः |
श्रुत्वा मधुर भावम् च सुग्रीवम् मनसा गतः || ४-४-१
Then that Hanuma, who has good deeds for his credit, on hearing the words of Lakshmana, and even knowing that they are finely meaningful, he rejoicingly recalled in his mind that Sugreeva's effort is going to fructify. [4-4-1]
भाव्यो राज्यागमः तस्य सुग्रीवस्य महात्मनः |
यत् अयम् कृत्यवान् प्राप्तः कृत्यम् च एतत् उपागतम् || ४-४-२
"Conceivable is the retrieval of the kingdom by that great souled Sugreeva...and for which deed, this purposive Rama has come, and that deed desired by Rama is also achievable by Sugreeva, and thus all this has came by..." thus thought Hanuma. [4-4-2]
ततः परम संहृष्टः हनुमान् प्लवगोत्तमः |
प्रति उवाच ततो वाक्यम् रामम् वाक्य विशारदः || ४-४-३
Then Hanuma, the ablest flyer is thus very gladdened...and in turn then spoke to that very learned one, namely Rama. [4- 4-3]
किम् अर्थम् त्वम् वनम् घोरम् पम्पा कानन मण्डितम् |
आगतः सानुजो दुर्गम् नाना व्याल मृग आयुतम् || ४-४-४
"What for you have come into these perilous forests hemming in Pampa Lake along with your brother, for these are impenetrable forests abounding with many a serpent and animal?" Thus Hanuma asked Rama. [4-4-4]
तस्य तद् वचनम् श्रुत्वा लक्ष्मणो राम चोदितः |
आचचक्षे महात्मानम् रामम् दशरथात्मजम् || ४-४-५
On hearing the words of Hanuma, Lakshmana motivated by Rama, narrated about the great soul Rama, the son of Dasharatha. [4-4-5]
राजा दशरथो नाम द्युतिमान् धर्म वत्सलः |
चातुर् वर्ण्यम् स्व धर्मेण नित्यम् एव अभिपालयन् || ४-४-६
"The king named Dasharatha, a resplendent one and the patron of virtue was ruling the four-caste system with its, and by his own rectitude, for he is also bound within that four-caste system... [4-4-6]
न द्वेष्टा विद्यते तस्य स तु द्वेष्टि न कंचन |
स तु सर्वेषु भूतेषु पितामह इव अपरः || ४-४-७
There is none despising him, nor he despised any and for all the living beings he is like the Grandparent Brahma on earth... [4-4-7]
अग्निष्टोमादिभिः यज्ञैः इष्टवान् आप्त दक्षिणैः |
तस्य अयम् पूर्वजः पुत्रो रामो नाम जनैः श्रुतः || ४-४-८
"And he, King Dasharatha who performed rituals agniSToma and the like Vedic rituals wherein he donated liberally, and this one is his eldest son, and he is renowned among people by the name of Rama... [4-4-8]
शरण्यः सर्व भूतानाम् पितुः निर्देश पारगः |
ज्येष्टो दशरथस्य अयम् पुत्राणाम् गुणवत्तरः || ४-४-९
राज लक्षण संयुक्तः संयुक्तो राज्य सम्पदा ||
राजात् भ्रष्टो मया वस्तुम् वने सार्धम् इह आगतः || ४-४-१०
"He is the protector of all beings and the follower of father's directives, he is the eldest one among the sons of King Dasharatha... possessor of high virtues, qualities and royal fortune befitting to a king... but he is deprived of his kingdom, and came hither to dwell in the forests... nevertheless, followed by me...[4-4-9, 10]
भार्यया च महाभाग सीतया अनुगतो वशी |
दिन क्षये महातेजाः प्रभ एव दिवाकरः || ४-४-११
"With his wife Seetha following him, oh, highly fortunate Hanuma, this self-controlled and highly resplendent Rama came to forests like the Sun followed by his consort Prabha, who vanishes when the day is abated...


With his wife Seetha following him, oh, highly fortunate Hanuma, this self-controlled and highly resplendent Rama came to forests like sun with his dwindling resplendence when the day is abated... [4-4-11]
अहम् अस्य अवरः भ्राता गुणैः दास्यम् उपागतः |
कृतज्ञस्य बहुज्ञस्य लक्ष्मणो नाम नामतः || ४-४०-१२
"I am the one who obtained servitude by the justness of this faithful and knowledgeable one, and his younger brother, by name I am named as Lakshmana... [4-4-12]
सुखार्हस्य महार्हस्य सर्वभूत हितात्मनः |
ऐश्वर्येण विहीनस्य वनवासे रतस्य च || ४-४-१३
रक्षस अपहृता भार्या रहिते काम रूपिणा |
तत् च न ज्ञायते रक्षः पत्नी येन अस्य वा हृता || ४-४-१४
"He who aspires to keep up the well-being of all the beings, and he who is merited for all comforts and respectability is now devoid of his prosperity and predisposed to forest dwelling... such as he is, his wife is abducted by a guise changing demon in a lonely place, of whom we know not... we know not which demon stole his wife... [4-4-13, 14]
दनुः नाम दितेः पुत्रः शापात् राक्षसताम् गतः |
आख्यातः तेन सुग्रीवः समर्थो वानराधिपः || ४-४-१५
स ज्ञास्यति महावीर्यः तव भार्या अपहारिणम् |
एवम् उक्त्वा दनुः स्वर्गम् भ्राजमानो दिवम् गतः || ४-४-१६
"One named Danu, son of Diti, who acquired demon-hood by curse had said that Sugreeva, the chief of monkeys, is a capable one, and he even said, "that great valorous Sugreeva can know about the abductor of your wife..." saying thus that Danu is released from the curse of his demon-hood, moved skyward and went away to heavens while becoming self-luminous... [4-4-15, 16]
एतत् ते सर्वम् आख्यातम् याथातथ्येन पृच्छतः |
अहम् चैव च रामः च सुग्रीवम् शरणम् गतौ || ४-४-१७
"All this is informed to you, as it is as you have asked..Myself and Rama, we now have our recourse to Sugreeva alone... [4-4-17]
एष दत्त्वा च वित्तानि प्राप्य च अनुत्तमम् यशः |
लोकनाथः पुरा भूत्वा सुग्रीवम् नाथम् इच्छति || ४-४-१८
"He who gave away riches in charity, who obtained unequalled renown and who himself was the lord of this world earlier, now accepts the lordship of Sugreeva... [4-4-18]
सीता यस्य स्नुषा च आसीत् शरण्यो धर्मवत्सलः |
तस्य पुत्रः शरण्यस्य सुग्रीवम् शरणम् गतः || ४-४-१९
"Who was a patron of virtue and who himself was a shelterer, to whom Seetha is the daughter-in-law, such a shelterer's son Rama is now taking shelter under Sugreeva... [4-4-19]
सर्व लोकस्य धर्मात्मा शरण्यः शरणम् पुरा |
गुरुर् मे राघवः सोऽयम् सुग्रीवम् शरणम् गतः || ४-४-२०
"He who is a virtuous one and protector of all the world, and who is the only refuge for all in earlier times... such a Raaghava, my mentor, is now seeking refuge with Sugreeva... [4-4-20]
यस्य प्रसादे सततम् प्रसीदेयुः इमाः प्रजाः |
स रामः वानरेन्द्रस्य प्रसादम् अभिकाङ्क्षते || ४-४-२१
"By whose beneficence all these people are always delighted, he that Rama is now seeking benefaction from the lord of monkeys... [4-4-21]
येन सर्व गुणोपेताः पृथिव्याम् सर्व पार्थिवाः |
मानिताः सततम् राज्ञा सदा दशरथेन वै || ४-४-२२
तस्य अयम् पूर्वजः पुत्रः त्रिषु लोकेषु विश्रुतः |
सुग्रीवम् वानरेन्द्रम् तु रामः शरणम् आगतः || ४-४-२३
"By which kingDasharatha, are all the kings with all possible good attributes are always, and at all the times were esteemed to be safeguarded as defensible kings, such king's eldest son Rama, renowned in all the three worlds for his own sheltering the needy, has now taken shelter under monkeys lord Sugreeva... [4-4-22, 23]
शोक अभिभूते रामे तु शोक आर्ते शरणम् गते |
कर्तुम् अर्हति सुग्रीवः प्रसादम् सह यूथपैः || ४-४-२४
"One who is rebuffed by sadness, and even agonised by it had already sought refuge, hence it is apt of Sugreeva to do favour in Rama's respect along with other vanara commanders..." Lakshmana said thus to Hanuma. [4-4-24]
एवम् ब्रुवाणम् सौमित्रिम् करुणम् स अश्रु पातनम् |
हनुमान् प्रति उवाच इदम् वाक्यम् वाक्य विशारदः || ४-४-२५
To Lakshmana, who is telling that piteously with tears falling out, the eminently lettered Hanumaan said this in his return. [4-4-25]
ईदृशा बुद्धि संपन्ना जितक्रोधा जितेइन्द्रियाः |
द्रष्टव्या वानरेइन्द्रेण दिष्ट्या दर्शनम् आगताः || ४-४-२६
"Intellectuals of your kind, who have conquered anger and senses are to be seen by the chief of monkeys Sugreeva, for your advent is godsend... [4-4-26]
स हि राज्यात् च विभ्रष्टः कृत वैरः च वालिना |
हृत दारो वने त्रस्तः भ्रात्रा विनिकृतः भृशम् || ४-४-२७
"He who is made as an enemy, very muchinsulted, and abrogated from kingdom by his own brother Vali, that Sugreeva is roaming about forests fearing him alone, his own brother Vali... [4-4-27]
करिष्यति स साहाय्यम् युवयोः भास्करात्मजः |
सुग्रीवः सह च अस्माभिः सीतायाः परिमार्गणे || ४-४-२८
"He that son of Sun, Sugreeva, will render help to you two, joining forces of our like Vanara-s in searching Seetha..." [4-4-28]
इति एवम् उक्त्वा हनुमान् श्लक्ष्णम् मधुरया गिरा |
बभाषे साधु गच्छामः सुग्रीवम् इति राघवम् || ४-४-२९
Thus Hanuman on speaking melodious words with politeness, also said to Raghava as, "good, we may now approach Sugreeva...." [4-4-29]
एवम् ब्रुवन्तम् धर्मात्मा हनूमन्तम् स लक्ष्मणः |
प्रतिपूज्य यथा न्यायम् इदम् प्रोवाच राघवम् || ४-४-३०
Hanuma when said thus virtuous Lakshmana adored him customarily in the way befitting to an envoy, and spoke this to Rama... [4-4-30]
कपिः कथयते हृष्टो यथा अयम् मारुतात्मजः |
कृत्यवान् सोऽपि संप्राप्तः कृत कृत्योऽसि राघव || ४-४-३१
"Raghava, as to how this monkey seems to be happy in meeting us, by way of his narration, and he too neared us as an aspirant of some deed to be performed by us, hence joining them seems to fulfil your mission... [4-4-31]
प्रसन्न मुख वर्णः च व्यक्तम् हृष्टः च भाषते |
न अनृतम् वक्ष्यते वीरो हनूमान् मारुतात्मजः || ४-४-३२
"He is talking with a lucid expression and pleasing facial tinge by which he seems to be gladdened at his heart... needless is telling untruths to such a valiant son of Air-god, Hanuma, isn't it!" So said Laskhmana to Rama [4-4-32]
ततः स सुमहाप्राज्ञः हनुमान् मारुतात्मजः |
जगाम आदाय तौ वीरौ हरि राजाय राघवौ || ४-४-३३
Then he that very intelligent son of Air-god Hanuma, took those two valorous Raghava-s to go to the king of monkeys Sugreeva. [4-4-33]
भिक्षु रूपम् परित्यज्य वानरम् रूपम् आस्थितः |
पृष्टम् आरोप्य तौ वीरौ जगाम कपिकुङ्जरः || ४-४-३४
On discarding the ascetic's semblance that estimable monkey Hanuma obtained his own monkey's form, and mounting those two valiant ones onto his back he proceeded towards Sugreeva. [4-4-34]
स तु विपुल यशाः कपि प्रवीरः पवनसुतः कृत कृत्यवत् प्रहृष्टः |
गिरि वरम् उरुविक्रमः प्रयातः स शुभमतिः सह राम लक्ष्मणाभ्याम् || ४-४-३५
Hanuma, the extensively renowned heroic son of Air-god with pious mind and highly audacious nature, is then gladdened like the one whose difficult deed is just accomplished, thus he gladly travelled to that mountain where Sugreeva is abiding, along with Rama and Lakshmana. [4-4-35]
इति वल्मीकि रामायणे आदि काव्ये अरण्य काण्डे चतुर्थः सर्गः