Book 1 >> HYMN 11 - Indra

इन्द्रं विश्वा अवीव्र्धन समुद्रव्यचसं गिरः |
रथीतमंरथीनां वाजानां सत्पतिं पतिम
English:- ALL sacred songs have magnified Indra expansive as the sea,
The best of warriors borne on cars, the Lord, the very Lord of strength.

सख्ये त इन्द्र वाजिनो मा भेम शवसस पते |
तवामभि परणोनुमो जेतारमपराजितम
English:- Strong in thy friendship, Indra, Lord of power and might, we have no fear.
We glorify with praises thee, the never-conquered conqueror.

पूर्वीरिन्द्रस्य रातयो न वि दस्यन्त्यूतयः |
यदी वाजस्य गोमत सतोत्र्भ्यो मंहते मघम
English:- The gifts of Indra from of old, his saving succours, never fail,
When to the praise-singers he gives the boon of substance rich in kine.

पुरां भिन्दुर्युवा कविरमितौजा अजायत |
इन्द्रो विश्वस्यकर्मणो धर्ता वज्री पुरुष्टुतः
English:- Crusher of forts, the young, the wise, of strength unmeasured, was he born
Sustainer of each sacred rite, Indra, the Thunderer, much-extolled.

तवं वलस्य गोमतो.अपावरद्रिवो बिलम |
तवां देवा अबिभ्युषस्तुज्यमानास आविषुः
English:- Lord of the thunder, thou didst burst the cave of Vala rich in cows.
The Gods came pressing to thy side, and free from terror aided thee,

तवाहं शूर रातिभिः परत्यायं सिन्धुमावदन |
उपातिष्ठन्त गिर्वणो विदुष टे तस्य कारवः
English:- I, Hero, through thy bounties am come to the flood addressing thee.
Song-lover, here the singers stand and testify to thee thereof.

मायाभिरिन्द्र मायिनं तवं शुष्णमवातिरः |
विदुष टे तस्य मेधिरास्तेषां शरवांस्युत तिर
English:- The wily Śuṣṇa, Indra! thou o'erthrewest with thy wondrous powers.
The wise beheld this deed of thine: now go beyond their eulogies.

इन्द्रमीशानमोजसाभि सतोमा अनूषत |
सहस्रं यस्य रातय उत वा सन्ति भूयसीः
English:- Our songs of praise have glorified Indra who ruleth by his might,
Whose precious gifts in thousands come, yea, even more abundantly.