Book 1 >> HYMN 120 - Asvins

का राधद धोत्राश्विना वां को वां जोष उभयोः |
कथा विधात्यप्रचेताः
English:- . AŚVINS, what praise may win your grace? Who may be pleasing to you both?
How shall the ignorant worship you?

विद्वांसाविद दुरः पर्छेदविद्वानित्थापरो अचेताः |
नू चिन नु मर्ते अक्रौ
English:- Here let the ignorant ask the means of you who know-for none beside you knoweth aught-
Not of a spiritless mortal man.

ता विद्वांसा हवामहे वां ता नो विद्वांसा मन्म वोचेतमद्य |
परार्चद दयमानो युवाकुः
English:- Such as ye: are, all-wise, we call you. Ye wise, declare to us this day accepted prayer.
Loving you well your servant lauds you.

वि पर्छामि पाक्या न देवान वषट्क्र्तस्याद्भुतस्य दस्रा |
पातं च सह्यसो युवं च रभ्यसो नः
English:- Simply, ye Mighty Ones, I ask the Gods of that wondrous oblation hallowed by the mystic word.
Save us from what is stronger, fiercer than ourselves.

पर या घोषे भर्गवाणे न शोभे यया वाचा यजति पज्रियो वाम |
परैषयुर्न विद्वान
English:- Forth go the hymn that shone in Ghoṣā Bhṛgu's like, the song wherewith the son of Pajra worships you,
Like some wise minister.

शरुतं गायत्रं तकवानस्याहं चिद धि रिरेभाश्विना वाम |
आक्षी शुभस पती दन
English:- Hear ye the song of him who hastens speedily. O Aśvins, I am he who sang your praise.
Hither, ye Lords of Splendour, hither turn your eyes.

युवं हयास्तं महो रन युवं वा यन निरततंसतम |
तानो वसू सुगोपा सयातं पातं नो वर्कादघायोः
English:- For ye were ever nigh to deal forth ample wealth, to give the wealth that ye had gathered up.
As such, ye Vasus, guard us well, and keep us safely from the wicked wolf.

मा कस्मै धातमभ्यमित्रिणे नो माकुत्रा नो गर्हेभ्यो धेनवो गुः |
सतनाभुजो अशिश्वीः
English:- Give us not up to any man who hateth us, nor let our milch-cows stray, whose udders give us food,
Far from our homes without their calves.

दुहीयन मित्रधितये युवाकु राये च नो मिमीतं वाजवत्यै |
इषे च नो मिमीतं धेनुमत्यै
English:- May they who love you gain you for their Friends. Prepare ye us for opulence with strengthening food,
Prepare us for the food that floweth from our cows

अश्विनोरसनं रथमनश्वं वाजिनावतोः |
तेनाहं भूरि चाकन
English:- I have obtained the horseless car of Aśvins rich in sacrifice,
And I am well content therewith.

अयं समह मा तनूह्याते जनाननु |
सोमपेयं सुखो रथः
English:- May it convey me evermore: may the light chariot pass from men
To men unto the Soma draught.

अध सवप्नस्य निर्विदे.अभुञ्जतश्च रेवतः |
उभा ता बस्रि नश्यतः
English:- It holdeth slumber in contempt. and the rich who enjoyeth not:
Both vanish quickly and are lost.