Book 1 >> HYMN 132 - Indra

तवया वयं मघवन पूर्व्ये धन इन्द्रत्वोताः सासह्याम पर्तन्यतो वनुयाम वनुष्यतः | नेदिष्ठे अस्मिन्नहन्यधि वोचा नु सुन्वते |
अस्मिन यज्ञे वि चयेमा भरे कर्तं वाजयन्तो भरे कर्तम
English:- . HELPED, Indra Maghavan, by thee in war of old, may we subdue in fight the men who strive with us, conquer the men who war with us.
This day that now is close at hand bless him who pours the Soma juice.
In this our sacrifice may we divide the spoil, showing our strength, the spoil of war.

सवर्जेषे भर आप्रस्य वक्मन्युषर्बुधः सवस्मिन्नञ्जसिक्राणस्य सवस्मिन्नञ्जसि | अहन्निन्द्रो यथा विदे शीर्ष्णा-शीर्ष्णोपवाच्यः |
अस्मत्रा ते सध्र्यक सन्तु रातयो भद्रा भद्रस्य रातयः
English:- In war which wins the light, at the free-giver's call, at due oblation of the early-rising one, oblation of the active one,
Indra slew, even as we know-whom each bowed head must reverence.
May all thy bounteous gifts be gathered up for us, yea, the good gifts of thee the Good.

तत तु परयः परत्नथा ते शुशुक्वनं यस्मिन यज्ञे वारमक्र्ण्वत कषयं रतस्य वारसि कषयम | वि तद वोचेरध दवितान्तः पश्यन्ति रश्मिभिः |
स घा विदे अन्विन्द्रो गवेषणो बन्धुक्षिद्भ्यो गवेषणः
English:- This food glows for thee as of old at sacrifice, wherein they made thee chooser of the place, for thou choosest the place of sacrifice.
Speak thou and make it known to us: they see within with beams of light.
Indra, indeed, is found a seeker after spoil, spoil-seeker for his own allies.

नू इत्था ते पूर्वथा च परवाच्यं यदङगिरोभ्यो.अव्र्णोरप वरजमिन्द्र शिक्षन्नप वरजम | ऐभ्यः समान्या दिशास्मभ्यं जेषि योत्सि च |
सुन्वद्भ्यो रन्धया कं चिदव्रतं हर्णायन्तं चिदव्रतम
English:- So now must thy great deed be lauded as of old, when for the Aṅgirases thou openedst the stall, openedst, giving aid, the stall.
In the same manner for us here fight thou and be victorious:
To him who pours the juice give up the lawless man, the lawless who is wroth with us.

सं यज्जनान करतुभिः शूर ईक्षयद धने हिते तरुषन्त शरवस्यवः पर यक्षन्त शरवस्यवः | तस्मा आयुः परजावदिद बाधे अर्चन्त्योजसा |
इन्द्र ओक्यं दिधिषन्त धीतयो देवानछा न धीतयः
English:- When with wise plan the Hero leads the people forth, they conquer in the ordered battle, seeking fame, press, eager, onward seeking fame.
To him in time of need they sing for life with offspring and with strength.
Their hymns with Indra find a welcome place of rest: the hymns go forward to the Gods.

युवं तमिन्द्रापर्वता पुरोयुधा यो नः पर्तन्यादप तं-तमिद धतं वज्रेअ तं-तमिद धतम | दूरे चत्ताय छन्त्सद गहनं यदिनक्षत |
अस्माकं शत्रून परि शूर विश्वतो दर्मा दर्षीष्ट विश्वतः
English:- Indra and Parvata, our champions in the fight, drive ye away each man who fain would war with us, drive him far from us with the bolt.
Welcome to him concealed afar shall he the lair that he hath found.
So may the Render rend our foes on every side, rend them, O Hero, everywhere.