Book 1 >> HYMN 151 - Mitra and Varuna

मित्रं न यं शिम्या गोषु गव्यवः सवाध्यो विदथे अप्सुजीजनन |
अरेजेतां रोदसी पाजसा गिरा परति परियं यजतं जनुषमवः
English:- . HEAVEN and earth trembled at the might and voice of him, whom, loved and Holy One, helper of all mankind,
The wise who longed for spoil in fight for kine brought forth with power, a Friend, mid waters, at the sacrifice.

यद ध तयद वां पुरुमीळ्हस्य सोमिनः पर मित्रासो न दधिरे सवाभुवः |
अध करतुं विदतं गतुमर्चत उत शरुतं वर्षणा पस्त्यावतः
English:- As these, like friends, have done this work for you, these prompt servants of Purumīlha Soma-offerer,
Give mental power to him who sings the sacred song, and hearken, Strong Ones, to the master of the house.

आ वां भूषन कषितयो जन्म रोदस्योः परवाच्यं वर्षणा दक्षसे महे |
यदीं रताय भरथो यदर्वते पर होत्रया शिम्य वीथो अध्वरम
English:- The folk have glorified your birth from Earth and Heaven, to be extolled, ye Strong Ones, for your mighty power.
Ye, when ye bring to singer and the rite, enjoy the sacrifice performed with holy praise and strength.

पर सा कषितिरसुर या महि परिय रतावानाव रतमा घोषथो बर्हत |
युवं दिवो बर्हतो दक्षमभुवं गां न धुर्युप युञ्जाथे अपः
English:- The people prospers, Asuras! whom ye dearly love: ye, Righteous Ones, proclaim aloud the Holy Law.
That efficacious power that comes from lofty heaven, ye bind unto the work, as to the pole an ox.

मही अत्र महिना वारं रण्वथो.अरेणवस्तुज आ सद्मन धेनवः |
सवरन्ति ता उपरताति सूर्यमा निम्रुच उषसस्तक्ववीरिव
English:- On this great earth ye send your treasure down with might: unstained by dust, the crowding kine are in the stalls.
Here in the neighbourhood they cry unto the Sun at morning and at evening, like swift birds of prey.

आ वं रताय केशिनीरनुषत मित्र यत्र वरुण गातुमर्चथः |
अव तमन सर्जतं पिन्वतं धियो युवं विप्रस्य मन्मनमिरज्यथः
English:- The flames with curling tresses serve your sacrifice, whereto ye sing the song, Mitra and Varuṇa.
Send down of your free will, prosper our holy songs: ye are sole Masters of the singer's hymn of praise.

यो वां यज्ञैः शशमानो ह दाशति कविर्होता यजति मन्मसाधनः |
उपाह तं गछथो वीथो अध्वरमछा गिरः सुमतिं गन्तमस्मयु
English:- Whoso with sacrifices toiling brings you gifts, and worships, sage and priest, fulfilling your desire,-
To him do ye draw nigh and taste his sacrifice. Come well-inclined to us unto our songs and prayer.

युवां यज्ञैः परथमा गोभिरञ्जत रतावना मनसो नप्रयुक्तिषु |
भरन्ति वां मन्मना संयता गिरो.अद्र्प्यता मनस रेवदशाथे
English:- With sacrifices and with milk they deck you first, ye Righteous Ones, as if through stirrings of the mind.
To you they bring their hymns with their collected thought, while ye with earnest soul come to us gloriously.

रेवद वयो दधाथे रेवदाशथे नरा मयाभिरितौति महिनम |
न वं दयावो.अहभिर्नोत सिन्धवो न देवत्वं पणयो नानशुर्मघम
English:- Rich strength of life is yours: ye, Heroes, have obtained through your surpassing powers rich far-extending might.
Not the past days conjoined with nights, not rivers, not the Paṇis have attained your Godhead and your wealth.