Book 1 >> HYMN 37 - Maruts

करीळं वः शर्धो मारुतमनर्वाणं रथेशुभम |
कण्वा अभि पर गायत
English:- SING forth, O Kaṇvas, to your band of Maruts unassailable,
Sporting, resplendent on their car

ये पर्षतीभिर्र्ष्टिभिः साकं वाशीभिरञ्जिभिः |
अजायन्त सवभानवः
English:- They who, self-luminous, were born together, with the spotted deer,
Spears, swords, and glittering ornaments.

इहेव शर्ण्व एषां कशा हस्तेषु यद वदान |
नि यामञ्चित्रं रञ्जते
English:- One hears, as though 'twere close at hand, the cracking of the whips they hold
They gather glory on their way.

पर वः शर्धाय घर्ष्वये तवेषद्युम्नाय शुष्मिणे |
देवत्तं बरह्म गायत
English:- Now sing ye forth the God-given hymn to your exultant Marut host,
The fiercely-vigorous, the strong.

पर शंसा गोष्वघ्न्यं करीळं यच्छर्धो मारुतम |
जम्भे रसस्य वाव्र्धे
English:- Praise ye the Bull among the cows; for 'tis the Maruts' sportive band:
It strengthened as it drank the rain.

को वो वर्षिष्ठ आ नरो दिवश्च गमश्च धूतयः |
यत सीम अन्तं न धूनुथ
English:- Who is your mightiest, Heroes, when, O shakers of the earth and heaven,
Ye shake them like a garment's hem?

नि वो यामाय मानुषो दध्र उग्राय मन्यवे |
जिहीत पर्वतो गिरिः
English:- At your approach man holds him down before the fury of your wrath:
The rugged-jointed mountain yields.

येषाम अज्मेषु पर्थिवी जुजुर्वां इव विश्पतिः |
भिया यामेषु रेजते
English:- They at whose racings forth the earth, like an age-weakened lord of men,
Trembles in terror on their ways.

सथिरं हि जानम एषां वयो मातुर निरेतवे |
यत सीम अनु दविता शवः
English:- Strong is their birth: vigour have they to issue from their Mother; strength,
Yea, even twice enough, is theirs.

उद उ तये सूनवो गिरः काष्ठा अज्मेष्व अत्नत |
वाश्रा अभिज्ञु यातवे
English:- And these, the Sons, the Singers, in their racings have enlarged the bounds,
So that the kine must walk knee-deep.

तयं चिद घा दीर्घम पर्थुम मिहो नपातम अम्र्ध्रम |
पर चयावयन्ति यामभिः
English:- Before them, on the ways they go, they drop this offspring of the cloud,
Long, broad, and inexhaustible.

मरुतो यद ध वो बलं जनां अचुच्यवीतन |
गिरींर अचुच्यवीतन
English:- O Maruts, as your strength is great, so have ye cast men down on earth,
So have ye made the mountains fall.

यद ध यान्ति मरुतः सं ह बरुवते ऽधवन्न आ |
शर्णोति कश चिद एषाम
English:- The while the Maruts pass along, they talk together on the way:
Doth any hear them as they speak?

पर यात शीभम आशुभिः सन्ति कण्वेषु वो दुवः |
तत्रो षु मादयाध्वै
English:- Come quick with swift steeds, for ye have worshippers among Kaṇva's sons
May you rejoice among them well.

अस्ति हि षमा मदाय वः समसि षमा वयम एषाम |
विश्वं चिद आयुर जीवसे
English:- All is prepared for your delight. We are their servants evermore,
To live as long as life may last.