Book 1 >> HYMN 46 - Asvins

एषो उषा अपूर्व्य वयुछति परिया दिवः |
सतुषे वामश्विना बर्हत
English:- Now Morning with her earliest light shines forth, dear Daughter of the Sky:
High, Aśvins, I extol your praise,

या दस्रा सिन्धुमातरा मनोतरा रयीणाम |
धिया देवा वसुविदा
English:- Sons of the Sea, mighty to save discoverers of riches, ye
Gods with deep thought who find out wealth.

वच्यन्ते वां ककुहासो जूर्णायामधि विष्टपि |
यद वांरथो विभिष पतात
English:- Your giant coursers hasten on over the region all in flames,
When your car flies with winged steeds.

हविषा जारो अपां पिपर्ति पपुरिर्नरा |
पिता कुटस्य चर्षणिः
English:- He, liberal, lover of the flood, Lord of the House, the vigilant,
Chiefs! with oblations feeds you full.

आदारो वां मतीनां नासत्या मतवचसा |
पातं सोमस्य धर्ष्णुया
English:- Ye have regard unto our hymns, Nāsatyas, thinking of our words:
Drink boldly of the Soma juice.

या नः पीपरदश्विना जयोतिष्मती तमस्तिरः |
तामस्मे रासाथामिषम
English:- Vouchsafe to us, O Aśvin Pair, such strength as, with attendant light,
May through the darkness carry us.

आ नो नावा मतीनां यातं पाराय गन्तवे |
युञ्जाथामश्विना रथम
English:- Come in the ship of these our hymns to bear you to the hither shore
O Aśvins, harness ye the car.

अरित्रं वां दिवस पर्थु तीर्थे सिन्धूनां रथः |
धिया युयुज्र इन्दवः
English:- The heaven's wide vessel is your own on the flood's shore your chariot waits
Drops, with the hymn, have been prepared.

दिवस कण्वास इन्दवो वसु सिन्धूनां पदे |
सवं वव्रिं कुह धित्सथः
English:- Kaṇvas, the drops are in the heaven; the wealth is at the waters' place:
Where will ye manifest your form?

अभूदु भा उ अंशवे हिरण्यं परति सूर्यः |
English:- Light came to lighten up the branch, the Sun appeared as it were gold:
And with its tongue shone forth the dark.

अभूदु पारमेतवे पन्था रतय्स साधुया |
अदर्शि वि सरुतिर्दिवः
English:- The path of sacrifice was made to travel to the farther goal:
The road of heaven was manifest.

तत-तदिदश्विनोरवो जरिता परति भूषति |
मदे सोमस्यपिप्रतोः
English:- The singer of their praise awaits whatever grace the Aśvins give,
who save when Soma gladdens them.

वावसाना विवस्वति सोमस्य पीत्या गिरा |
मनुष्वच्छम्भूा गतम
English:- Ye dwellers with Vivasvān come, auspicious, as to Manu erst;
come to the Soma and our praise.

युवोरुषा अनु शरियं परिज्मनोरुपाचरत |
रता वनथो अक्तुभिः
English:- O circumambient Aśvins, Dawn follows the brightness of your way:
Approve with beams our solemn rites.

उभा पिबतमश्विनोभा नः शर्म यछतम |
English:- Drink ye of our libations, grant protection, O ye Aśvins Twain,
With aids which none may interrupt.