Book 1 >> HYMN 69 - Agni

शुक्रः शुशुक्वानुषो न जारः पप्रा समीची दिवो नज्योतिः |
परि परजातः करत्वा बभूथ भुवो देवानां पिता पुत्रः सन
English:- . BRIGHT, splendid, like Dawn's lover, he hath filled the two joined worlds as with the light of heaven.
When born, with might thou hast encompassed them: Father of Gods, and yet their Son wast thou.

वेधा अद्र्प्तो अग्निर्विजानन्नूधर्न गोनां सवाद्मा पितूनाम |
जने न शेव आहूर्यः सन मध्ये निषत्तो रण्वो दुरोणे
English:- Agni, the Sage, the humble, who discerns like the cow's udder, the sweet taste of food,
Like a bliss-giver to be drawn to men, sits gracious in the middle of the house.

पुत्रो न जातो रण्वो दुरोणे वाजी न परीतो विशो वि तारीत |
विशो यदह्वे नर्भिः सनीळा अग्निर्देवत्वा विश्वान्यश्याः
English:- Born in the dwelling like a lovely son, pleased, like a strong steed, he bears on the folk.
What time the men and I, with heroes, call, may Agni then gain all through Godlike power.

नकिष ट एता वरता मिनन्ति नर्भ्यो यदेभ्यः शरुष्टिं चकर्थ |
तत तु ते दंसो यदहन समानैर्न्र्भिर्यद युक्तो विवे रपांसि
English:- None breaks these holy laws of thine when thou hast granted audience to these chieftains here.
This is thy boast, thou smotest with thy peers, and joined with heroes dravest off disgrace.

उषो न जारो विभावोस्रः संज्ञातरूपश्चिकेतदस्मै |
तमना वहन्तो दुरो वय रण्वन नवन्त विश्वे सवर्द्र्शीके
English:- Like the Dawn's lover, spreading light, well-known as hued like morn, may he remember me.
They, bearing of themselves, unbar the doors: they all ascend to the fair place of heaven.