Book 1 >> HYMN 9 - Indra

इन्द्रेहि मत्स्यन्धसो विश्वेभिः सोमपर्वभिः |
English:- COME, Indra, and delight thee with the juice at all the Soma feasts,
Protector, mighty in thy strength.

एमेनं सर्जता सुते मन्दिमिन्द्राय मन्दिने |
चक्रिं विश्वानि चक्रये
English:- To Indra pour ye forth the juice, the active gladdening juice to him
The gladdening, omnific God.

मत्स्वा सुशिप्र मन्दिभिः सतोमेभिर्विश्वचर्षणे |
English:- O Lord of all men, fair of cheek, rejoice thee in the gladdening lauds,
Present at these drink-offerings.

अस्र्ग्रमिन्द्र ते गिरः परति तवामुदहासत |
अजोषा वर्षभं पतिम
English:- Songs have outpoured themselves to thee, Indra, the strong, the guardian Lord,
And raised themselves unsatisfied.

सं चोदय चित्रमर्वाग राध इन्द्र वरेण्यम |
असदित ते विभु परभु
English:- Send to us bounty manifold, O Indra, worthy of our wish,
For power supreme is only thine.

अस्मान सु तत्र चोदयेन्द्र राये रभस्वतः |
तुविद्युम्न यशस्वतः
English:- O Indra, stimulate thereto us emulously fain for wealth,
And glorious, O most splendid One.

सं गोमदिन्द्र वाजवदस्मे पर्थु शरवो बर्हत |
English:- Give, Indra, wide and lofty fame, wealthy in cattle and in strength,
Lasting our life-time, failing not.

अस्मे धेहि शरवो बर्हद दयुम्नं सहस्रसातमम |
इन्द्र ता रथिनीरिषः
English:- Grant us high fame, O Indra, grant riches bestowing thousands, those
Fair fruits of earth borne home in wains.

वसोरिन्द्रं वसुपतिं गीर्भिर्ग्र्णन्त रग्मियम |
होम गन्तारमूतये
English:- Praising with songs the praise-worthy who cometh to our aid, we call
Indra, the Treasure-Lord of wealth.

सुते-सुते नयोकसे बर्हद बर्हत एदरिः |
इन्द्राय शूषमर्चति
English:- To lofty Indra, dweller by each libation, the pious man
Sings forth aloud a strengthening hymn.