Book 10 >> HYMN 153 - Indra

ईङखयन्तीरपस्युव इन्द्रं जातमुपासते |
English:- . SWAYING about, the Active Ones came nigh to Indra at his birth,
And shared his great heroic might.

तवमिन्द्र बलादधि सहसो जात ओजसः |
तवं वर्षन्व्र्षेदसि
English:- Based upon strength and victory and power, O Indra is thy birth:
Thou, Mighty One, art strong indeed.

तवमिन्द्रासि वर्त्रहा वयन्तरिक्षमतिरः |
उद दयामस्तभ्ना ओजसा
English:- Thou art the Vṛtra-slayer, thou, Indra, hast spread the firmament:
Thou hast with might upheld the heavens.

तवमिन्द्र सजोषसमर्कं बिभर्षि बाह्वोः |
वज्रंशिशान ओजसा
English:- Thou, Indra, bearest in thine arms the lightning that accords with thee,
Whetting thy thunderbolt with might.

तवमिन्द्राभिभूरसि विश्वा जातान्योजसा |
स विश्वाभुव आभवः
English:- Thou, Indra, art preeminent over all creatures in thy might:
Thou hast pervaded every place.