Book 10 >> HYMN 155 - Various

अरायि काणे विकटे गिरिं गछ सदान्वे |
शिरिम्बिठस्यसत्वभिस्तेभिष टवा चातयामसि
English:- . ARAYI, one-eyed limping hag, fly, ever-screeching, to the hill.
We frighten thee away with these, the heroes of Sirimbitha.

चत्तो इतश्चत्तामुतः सर्वा भरूणान्यारुषी |
अराय्यं बरह्मणस पते तीक्ष्णश्र्ण्गोद्र्षन्निहि
English:- Scared from this place and that is she, destroyer of each germ unborn.
Go, sharp-horned Brāhmaṇaspti and drive Arayi far away.

अदो यद दारु पलवते सिन्धोः पारे अपूरुषम |
तदारभस्व दुर्हणो तेन गछ परस्तरम
English:- Yon log that floats without a man to guide it on the river's edge,-
Seize it, thou thing with hideous jaws, and go thou far away thereon.

यद ध पराचीरजगन्तोरो मण्डूरधाणिकीः |
हतािन्द्रस्य शत्रवः सर्वे बुद्बुदयाशवः
English:- When, foul with secret stain and spot, ye hastened onward to the breast,
All Indra's enemies were slain and passed away like froth and foam.

परीमे गामनेषत पर्यग्निमह्र्षत |
देवेष्वक्रतश्रवः क इमाना दधर्षति
English:- These men have led about the cow, have duly carried Agni round,
And raised their glory tg the Gods. Who will attack them with success?