Book 10 >> HYMN 56 - Visvedevas

इदं त एकं पर ऊ त एकं तर्तीयेन जयोतिषा संविशस्व |
संवेशने तन्वश्चारुरेधि परियो देवानाम्परमे जनित्रे
English:- . HERE is one light for thee, another yonder: enter the third and he therewith united.
Uniting with a body be thou welcome, dear to the Gods in their sublimest birthplace.

तनूष टे वाजिन तन्वं नयन्ती वाममस्मभ्यं धातुशर्म तुभ्यम |
अह्रुतो महो धरुणाय देवान दिवीवज्योतिः सवमा मिमीयाः
English:- Bearing thy body, Vajin, may thy body afford us blessing and thyself protection.
Unswerving, stablish as it were in heaven thine own light as the mighty God's supporter.

वाज्यसि वाजिनेना सुवेनीः सुवित सतोमं सुवितो दिवंगाः |
सुवितो धर्म परथमानु सत्या सुवितो देवान सुवितोऽनु पत्म
English:- Strong Steed art thou: go to the yearning Maidens with vigour, happily go to heaven and praises:
Fly happily to the Gods with easy passage, according to the first and faithful statutes.

महिम्न एषां पितरश्चनेशिरे देवा देवेष्वदधुरपिक्रतुम |
समविव्यचुरुत यान्यत्विषुरैषां तनूषु निविविशुः पुनः
English:- Part of their grandeur have the Fathers also gained: the Gods have seated mental power in them as Gods.
They have embraced within themselves all energies, which, issuing forth, again into their bodies pass.

सहोभिर्विश्वं परि चक्रमू रजः पूर्वा धामान्यमितामिमानाः |
तनूषु विश्वा भुवना नि येमिरे परासारयन्तपुरुध परजा अनु
English:- They strode through all the region with victorious might, establishing the old immeasurable laws.
They compassed in their bodies all existing things, and streamed forth offipring in many successive forms.

दविधा सूनवो.असुरं सवर्विदमास्थापयन्त तर्तीयेनकर्मणा |
सवां परजां पितरः पित्र्यं सह आवरेष्वदधुस्तन्तुमाततम
English:- In two ways have the sons established in his place the Asura who finds the light, by the third act,
As fathers, they have set their heritage on earth, their offspring, as a thread continuously spun out.

नावा न कषोदः परदिशः पर्थिव्याः सवस्तिभिरतिदुर्गाणि विश्वा |
सवां परजां बर्हदुक्थो महित्वावरेष्वदधादा परेषु
English:- As in a ship through billows, so through regions of air, with blessings, through toils and troubles
Hath Bṛhaduktha brought his seed with glory, and placed it here and in the realms beyond us.