Book 3 >> HYMN 39 - Indra

इन्द्रं मतिर्ह्र्द आ वच्यमानाछा पतिं सतोमतष्टा जिगाति |
या जाग्र्विर्विदथे शस्यमानेन्द्र यत ते जायते विद्धि तस्य
English:- . To Indra from the heart the hymn proceedeth, to him the Lord, recited, built with praises;
The wakening song sung forth in holy synod: that which is born for thee, O Indra, notice.

दिवश्चिदा पूर्व्या जायमाना वि जाग्र्विर्विदथे शस्यमाना |
भद्रा वस्त्राण्यर्जुना वसाना सेयमस्मे सनजापित्र्या धीः
English:- Born from the heaven e'en in the days aforetime, wakening, sting aloud in holy synod,
Auspicious, clad in white and shining raiment, this is the ancient hymn of our forefathers.

यमा चिदत्र यमसूरसूत जिह्वाया अग्रं पतदा हयस्थात |
वपूंषि जाता मिथुना सचेते तमोहना तपुषो बुध्न एता
English:- The Mother of the Twins hath borne Twin Children: my tongue's tip raised itself and rested silent.
Killing the darkness at the light's foundation, the Couple newly born attain their beauty.

नकिरेषां निन्दिता मर्त्येषु ये अस्माकं पितरो गोषु योधाः |
इन्द्र एषां दरंहिता माहिनावानुद गोत्राणि सस्र्जे दंसनावान
English:- Not one is found among them, none of mortals, to blame our sires who fought to win the cattle.
Their strengthener was Indra the Majestic he spread their stalls of kine the Wonder-Worker.

सखा ह यत्र सखिभिर्नवग्वैरभिज्ञ्वा सत्वभिर्गा अनुग्मन |
सत्यं तदिन्द्रो दसभिर्दशग्भिः सूर्यं विवेदतमसि कषियन्तम
English:- Where as a Friend with friendly men, Navagvas, with heroes, on his knees he sought the cattle.
There, verily with ten Daśagvas Indra found the Sun lying hidden in the darkness.

इन्द्रो मधु सम्भ्र्तमुस्रियायां पद्वद विवेद शफवन नमेगोः |
गुहा हितं गुह्यं गूळ्हमप्सु हस्ते दधे दक्षिणे दक्षिणावान
English:- Indra found meath collected in the milch-cow, by foot and hoof, in the cow's place of pasture.
That which lay secret, hidden in the waters, he held in his right hand, the rich rewarder.

जयोतिर्व्र्णीत तमसो विजानन्नारे सयाम दुरितादभीके |
इमा गिरः सोमपाः सोमव्र्द्ध जुषस्वेन्द्र पुरुतमस्य कारोः
English:- He took the light, discerning it from darkness: may we be far removed from all misfortune.
These songs, O Soma-drinker, cheered by Soma, Indra, accept from thy most zealous poet.

जयोतिर्यज्ञाय रोदसी अनु षयादारे सयाम दुरितस्य भूरेः |
भूरि चिद धि तुजतो मर्त्यस्य सुपारासो वसवो बर्हणावत
English:- Let there be light through both the worlds for worship: may we be far from most overwhelming evil.
Great woe comes even from the hostile mortal, piled up; but good at rescue are the Vasus.

शुनं हुवेम ...
English:- Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
The Strong, who listens, who gives aid in battles, who slays the Vṛtras, wins and gathers riches.