Book 3 >> HYMN 45 - Indra

आ मन्द्रैरिन्द्र हरिभिर्याहि मयूररोमभिः |
मा तवा केचिन नि यमन विं न पाशिनो.अति धन्वेव तानिहि
English:- . COME hither, Indra, with Bay Steeds, joyous, with tails like peacocks' plumes.
Let no men cheek thy course as fowlers stay the bird: pass o'er them as o'er desert lands.

वर्त्रखादो वलंरुजः पुरां दर्मो अपामजः |
सथाता रथस्य हर्योरभिस्वर इन्द्रो दर्ळ्हा चिदारुजः
English:- He who slew Vṛtra, burst the cloud, brake the strongholds and drave the floods,
Indra who mounts his chariot at his Bay Steeds' cry, shatters e'en things that stand most firm.

गम्भीरानुदधीन्रिव करतुं पुष्यसि गा इव |
पर सुगोपायवसं धेनवो यथा हरदं कुल्या इवाशत
English:- Like pools of water deep and full, like kine thou cherishest thy might;
Like the milch-cows that go well-guarded to the mead, like water-brooks that reach the lake.

आ नस्तुजं रयिं भरांशं न परतिजानते |
वर्क्षं पक्वं फलमङकीव धूनुहीन्द्र सम्पारणं वसु
English:- Bring thou us wealth with power to strike, our share, 'gainst him who calls it his.
Shake, Indra, as with hooks, the tree for ripened fruit, for wealth to satisfy our wish.

सवयुरिन्द्र सवराळ असि समद्दिष्टिः सवयशस्तरः |
स वाव्र्धान ओजसा पुरुष्टुत भवा नः सुश्रवस्तमः
English:- Indra, self-ruling Lord art thou, good Leader, of most glorious fame.
So, waxen in thy strength, O thou whom many praise, be thou most swift to hear our call.