Book 4 >> HYMN 12 - Agni

यस तवाम अग्न इनधते यतस्रुक तरिस ते अन्नं कर्णवत सस्मिन्न अहन |
स सु दयुम्नैर अभ्य अस्तु परसक्षत तव करत्वा जातवेदश चिकित्वान
English:- . WHOSO enkindles thee, with lifted ladle, and thrice this day offers thee food, O Agni,
May he excel, triumphant through thy splendours, wise through thy mental power, O Jātavedas.

इध्मं यस ते जभरच छश्रमाणो महो अग्ने अनीकम आ सपर्यन |
स इधानः परति दोषाम उषासम पुष्यन रयिं सचते घनन्न अमित्रान
English:- Whoso with toil and trouble brings thee fuel, serving the majesty of mighty Agni,
He, kindling thee at evening and at morning, prospers, and comes to wealth, and slays his foemen.

अग्निर ईशे बर्हतः कषत्रियस्याग्निर वाजस्य परमस्य रायः |
दधाति रत्नं विधते यविष्ठो वय आनुषङ मर्त्याय सवधावान
English:- Agni is Master of sublime dominion, Agni is Lord of strength and lofty riches.
Straightway the self-reliant God, Most Youthful, gives treasures to the mortal who adores him.

यच चिद धि ते पुरुषत्रा यविष्ठाचित्तिभिश चक्र्मा कच चिद आगः |
कर्धी षव अस्मां अदितेर अनागान वय एनांसि शिश्रथो विष्वग अग्ने
English:- Most Youthful God, whatever sin, through folly, we here, as human beings, have committed,
In sight of Aditi make thou us sinless remit, entirely, Agni, our offences.

महश चिद अग्न एनसो अभीक ऊर्वाद देवानाम उत मर्त्यानाम |
मा ते सखायः सदम इद रिषाम यछा तोकाय तनयाय शं योः
English:- Even in the presence of great sin, O Agni, free us from prison of the Gods or mortals.
Never may we who are thy friends be injured: grant health and strength unto our seed and offspring.

यथा ह तयद वसवो गौर्यं चित पदि षिताम अमुञ्चता यजत्राः |
एवो षव अस्मन मुञ्चता वय अंहः पर तार्य अग्ने परतरं न आयुः
English:- Even as ye here, Gods Excellent and Holy, have loosed the cow that by the foot was tethered,
So also set us free from this affliction long let our life, O Agni, be extended.