Book 4 >> HYMN 31 - Indra

कया नश चित्र आ भुवद ऊती सदाव्र्धः सखा |
कया शचिष्ठया वर्ता
English:- . WITH what help will he come to us, wonderful, ever-waxing Friend;
With what most mighty company?

कस तवा सत्यो मदानाम मंहिष्ठो मत्सद अन्धसः |
दर्ळ्हा चिद आरुजे वसु
English:- What genuine and most liberal draught will spirit thee with juice to burst
Open e'en strongly-guarded wealth?

अभी षु णः सखीनाम अविता जरित्णाम |
शतम भवास्य ऊतिभिः
English:- Do thou who art Protector of us thy friends who praise thee
With hundred aids approach us.

अभी न आ वव्र्त्स्व चक्रं न वर्त्तम अर्वतः |
नियुद्भिश चर्षणीनाम
English:- Like as a courser's circling wheel, so turn thee hitherward to us,
Attracted by the hymns of men.

परवता हि करतूनाम आ हा पदेव गछसि |
अभक्षि सूर्ये सचा
English:- Thou seekest as it were thine own stations with swift descent of powers:
I share thee even with the Sun.

सं यत त इन्द्र मन्यवः सं चक्राणि दधन्विरे |
अध तवे अध सूर्ये
English:- What time thy courage and his wheels together, Indra, run their course
With thee and with the Sun alike,

उत समा हि तवाम आहुर इन मघवानं शचीपते |
दातारम अविदीधयुम
English:- So even, Lord of Power and Might, the people call thee Maghavan,
Giver, who pauses not to think.

उत समा सद्य इत परि शशमानाय सुन्वते |
पुरू चिन मंहसे वसु
English:- And verily to him who toils and presses Soma juice for thee
Thou quickly givest ample wealth.

नहि षमा ते शतं चन राधो वरन्त आमुरः |
न चयौत्नानि करिष्यतः
English:- No, not a hundred hinderers can check thy gracious bounty's flow,
Nor thy great deeds when thou wilt act.

अस्मां अवन्तु ते शतम अस्मान सहस्रम ऊतयः |
अस्मान विश्वा अभिष्टयः
English:- May thine assistance keep us safe, thy hundred and thy thousand aids:
May all thy favours strengthen us.

अस्मां इहा वर्णीष्व सख्याय सवस्तये |
महो राये दिवित्मते
English:- Do thou elect us this place for friendship and prosperity,
And great celestial opulence.

अस्मां अविड्ढि विश्वहेन्द्र राया परीणसा |
अस्मान विश्वाभिर ऊतिभिः
English:- Favour us, Indra, evermore with overflowing store of wealth:
With all thy succours aid thou us.

अस्मभ्यं तां अपा वर्धि वरजां अस्तेव गोमतः |
नवाभिर इन्द्रोतिभिः
English:- With new protections, Indra, like an archer, open thou for us
The stables that are filled with kine.

अस्माकं धर्ष्णुया रथो दयुमां इन्द्रानपच्युतः |
गव्युर अश्वयुर ईयते
English:- Our chariot, Indra, boldly moves endued with splendour, ne'er repulsed,
Winning for us both kine and steeds.

अस्माकम उत्तमं कर्धि शरवो देवेषु सूर्य |
वर्षिष्ठं दयाम इवोपरि
English:- O Sūrya, make our fame to be most excellent among the Gods,
Most lofty as the heaven on high.