Book 4 >> HYMN 6 - Agni

ऊर्ध्व ऊ षु णो अध्वरस्य होतर अग्ने तिष्ठ देवताता यजीयान |
तवं हि विश्वम अभ्य असि मन्म पर वेधसश चित तिरसि मनीषाम
English:- . PRIEST of our rite, stand up erect, O Agni, in the Gods' service best of sacrificers,
For over evei y thought thou art the Ruler: thou furtherest e'en the wisdom of the pious.

अमूरो होता नय असादि विक्ष्व अग्निर मन्द्रो विदथेषु परचेताः |
ऊर्ध्वम भानुं सवितेवाश्रेन मेतेव धूमं सतभायद उप दयाम
English:- He was set down mid men as Priest unerring, Agni, wise, welcome in our holy synods.
Like Savitar he hath lifted up his splendour, and like a builder raised his smoke to heaven.

यता सुजूर्णी रातिनी घर्ताची परदक्षिणिद देवतातिम उराणः |
उद उ सवरुर नवजा नाक्रः पश्वो अनक्ति सुधितः सुमेकः
English:- The glowing ladle, filled with oil, is lifted; choosing Gods' service to the right he circles.
Eager he rises like the new-wrought pillar which, firmly set and fixed, anoints the victims.

सतीर्णे बर्हिषि समिधाने अग्ना ऊर्ध्वो अध्वर्युर जुजुषाणो अस्थात |
पर्य अग्निः पशुपा न होता तरिविष्ट्य एति परदिव उराणः
English:- When sacred grass is strewn and Agni kindled, the Adhvaryu rises to, his task rejoicing.
Agni the Priest, like one who tends the cattle, goes three times round, as from of old he wills it.

परि तमना मितद्रुर एति होताग्निर मन्द्रो मधुवचा रतावा |
दरवन्त्य अस्य वाजिनो न शोका भयन्ते विश्वा भुवना यद अभ्राट
English:- Agni himself, the Priest, with measured motion, goes round, with sweet speech, cheerful, true to Order.
His fulgent flames run forth like vigorous horses; all creatures are affrighted when he blazes.

भद्रा ते अग्ने सवनीक संद्र्ग घोरस्य सतो विषुणस्य चारुः |
न यत ते शोचिस तमसा वरन्त न धवस्मानस तन्व रेप आ धुः
English:- Beautiful and auspicious is thine aspect, O lovely Agni, terrible when spreading.
Thy splendours are not covered by the darkness: detraction leaves no stain upon thy body.

न यस्य सातुर जनितोर अवारि न मातरापितरा नू चिद इष्टौ |
अधा मित्रो न सुधितः पावको ऽगनिर दीदाय मानुषीषु विक्षु
English:- Naught hindered his production, Bounteous Giver: his Mother and his Sire were free to send him.
Then as Friend benevolent, refulgent, Agni shone forth in human habitations.

दविर यम पञ्च जीजनन संवसानाः सवसारो अग्निम मानुषीषु विक्षु |
उषर्बुधम अथर्यो न दन्तं शुक्रं सवासम परशुं न तिग्मम
English:- He, Agni, whom the twice-five sisters, dwelling together, in the homes of men engendered,
Bright like a spear's tooth, wakened in the morning, with powerful mouth and like an axe well-sharpened.

तव तये अग्ने हरितो घर्तस्ना रोहितास रज्वञ्चः सवञ्चः |
अरुषासो वर्षण रजुमुष्का आ देवतातिम अह्वन्त दस्माः
English:- These thy Bay Coursers, Agni, dropping fatness, ruddy vigorous, speeding straightly forward,
And red steeds, wonderful, of mighty muscle, are to this service of the Gods invited:

ये ह तये ते सहमाना अयासस तवेषासो अग्ने अर्चयश चरन्ति |
शयेनासो न दुवसनासो अर्थं तुविष्वणसो मारुतं न शर्धः
English:- These brightly-shining games of thine, O Agni, that move for ever restless, all-subduing,
Like falcons hasting eagerly to the quarry, roar loudly like the army of the Maruts.

अकारि बरह्म समिधान तुभ्यं शंसात्य उक्थं यजते वय धाः |
होतारम अग्निम मनुषो नि षेदुर नमस्यन्त उशिजः शंसम आयोः
English:- To thee, O flaming God, hath prayer been offered. Let the priest laud thee: give to him who worships.
Men have established Agni as Invoker, fain to adore the glory of the living.