Book 5 >> HYMN 30 - Indra

कव सय वीरः को अपश्यद इन्द्रं सुखरथम ईयमानं हरिभ्याम |
यो राया वज्री सुतसोमम इछन तद ओको गन्ता पुरुहूत ऊती
English:- . WHERE is that Hero? Who hath looked on Indra borne on light-rolling car by Tawny Coursers,
Who, Thunderer, seeks with wealth the Soma-presser, and to his house goes, much-invoked, to aid him?

अवाचचक्षम पदम अस्य सस्वर उग्रं निधातुर अन्व आयम इछन |
अप्र्छम अन्यां उत ते म आहुर इन्द्रं नरो बुबुधाना अशेम
English:- I have beheld his strong and secret dwelling, longing have sought the Founder's habitation.
I asked of others, and they said in answer, May we, awakened men, attain to Indra.

पर नु वयं सुते या ते कर्तानीन्द्र बरवाम यानि नो जुजोषः |
वेदद अविद्वाञ छर्णवच च विद्वान वहते ऽयम मघवा सर्वसेनः
English:- We will tell, Indra, when we pour libation, what mighty deeds thou hast performed to please us.
Let him who knows not learn, who knows them listen: hither rides Maghavan with all his army.

सथिरम मनश चक्र्षे जात इन्द्र वेषीद एको युधये भूयसश चित |
अश्मानं चिच छवसा दिद्युतो वि विदो गवाम ऊर्वम उस्रियाणाम
English:- Indra, when born, thou madest firm thy spirit: alone thou seekest war to fight with many.
With might thou clavest e'en the rock asunder, and foundest out the stable of the Milch-kine.

परो यत तवम परम आजनिष्ठाः परावति शरुत्यं नाम बिभ्रत |
अतश चिद इन्द्राद अभयन्त देवा विश्वा अपो अजयद दासपत्नीः
English:- When thou wast born supremest at a distance, bearing a name renowned in far-off regions,
Since then e'en Gods have been afraid of Indra: he conquered all the floods which served the Dāsa.

तुभ्येद एते मरुतः सुशेवा अर्चन्त्य अर्कं सुन्वन्त्य अन्धः |
अहिम ओहानम अप आशयानम पर मायाभिर मायिनं सक्षद इन्द्रः
English:- These blissful Maruts sing their psalm to praise thee, and pour to thee libation of the Soma.
Indra with wondrous powers subdued the Dragon, the guileful lurker who beset the waters.

वि षू मर्धो जनुषा दानम इन्वन्न अहन गवा मघवन संचकानः |
अत्रा दासस्य नमुचेः शिरो यद अवर्तयो मनवे गातुम इछन
English:- Thou, Maghavan, from the first didst scatter foemen, speeding, while joying in the milk, the Giver.
There, seeking man's prosperity, thou torest away the head of Namuci the Dāsa.

युजं हि माम अक्र्था आद इद इन्द्र शिरो दासस्य नमुचेर मथायन |
अश्मानं चित सवर्यं वर्तमानम पर चक्रियेव रोदसी मरुद्भ्यः
English:- Pounding the head of Namuci the Dāsa, me, too thou madest thine associate, Indra!
Yea, and the rolling stone that is in heaven both worlds, as on a car, brought to the Maruts.

सत्रियो हि दास आयुधानि चक्रे किम मा करन्न अबला अस्य सेनाः |
अन्तर हय अख्यद उभे अस्य धेने अथोप परैद युधये दस्युम इन्द्रः
English:- Women for weapons hath the Dāsa taken, What injury can his feeble armies To me?
Well he distinguished his two different voices, and Indra then advanced to fight the Dasyu.

सम अत्र गावो ऽभितो ऽनवन्तेहेह वत्सैर वियुता यद आसन |
सं ता इन्द्रो अस्र्जद अस्य शाकैर यद ईं सोमासः सुषुता अमन्दन
English:- Divided from their calves the Cows went lowing around, on every side, hither and thither.
These Indra re-united with his helpers, what time the well-pressed Soma made him joyful.

यद ईं सोमा बभ्रुधूता अमन्दन्न अरोरवीद वर्षभः सादनेषु |
पुरंदरः पपिवां इन्द्रो अस्य पुनर गवाम अददाद उस्रियाणाम
English:- What time the Somas mixed by Babhru cheered him, loud the Steer bellowed in his habitations.
So Indra drank thereof, the Fort-destroyer, and gave him guerdon, in return, of milch-kine.

भद्रम इदं रुशमा अग्ने अक्रन गवां चत्वारि ददतः सहस्रा |
रणंचयस्य परयता मघानि परत्य अग्रभीष्म नर्तमस्य नर्णाम
English:- This good deed have the Rusamas done, Agni! that they have granted me four thousand cattle.
We have received Rnancaya's wealth, of heroes the most heroic, which was freely offered.

सुपेशसम माव सर्जन्त्य अस्तं गवां सहस्रै रुशमासो अग्ने |
तीव्रा इन्द्रम अममन्दुः सुतासो ऽकतोर वयुष्टौ परितक्म्यायाः
English:- The Rusamas, O Agni, sent me homeward with fair adornment and with kine in thousands.
The strong libations have made Indra joyful, when night, whose course was ending, changed to morning.

औछत सा रात्री परितक्म्या यां रणंचये राजनि रुशमानाम |
अत्यो न वाजी रघुर अज्यमानो बभ्रुश चत्वार्य असनत सहस्रा
English:- Night, well-nigh ended, at Rnancaya's coming, King of the Rusamas, was changed to morning.
Like a strong courser, fleet of foot, urged onward, Babhru hath gained four thousand as his guerdon.

चतुःसहस्रं गव्यस्य पश्वः परत्य अग्रभीष्म रुशमेष्व अग्ने |
घर्मश चित तप्तः परव्र्जे य आसीद अयस्मयस तं व आदाम विप्राः
English:- We have received four thousand head of cattle presented by the Rusamas, O Agni.
And we, the singers, have received the caldron of metal which was heated for Pravargya.