Book 5 >> HYMN 35 - Indra

यस ते साधिष्ठो ऽवस इन्द्र करतुष टम आ भर |
अस्मभ्यं चर्षणीसहं सस्निं वाजेषु दुष्टरम
English:- . INDRA, for our assistance bring that most effectual power of thine,
Which conquers men for us, and wins the spoil, invincible in fight.

यद इन्द्र ते चतस्रो यच छूर सन्ति तिस्रः |
यद वा पञ्च कषितीनाम अवस तत सु न आ भर
English:- Indra, whatever aids be thine, four be they, or, O Hero, three,
Or those of the Five Tribes of men, bring quickly all that help to us.

आ ते ऽवो वरेण्यं वर्षन्तमस्य हूमहे |
वर्षजूतिर हि जज्ञिष आभूभिर इन्द्र तुर्वणिः
English:- The aid most excellent of thee the Mightiest hitherward we call,
For thou wast born with hero might, conquering, Indra, with the Strong.

वर्षा हय असि राधसे जज्ञिषे वर्ष्णि ते शवः |
सवक्षत्रं ते धर्षन मनः सत्राहम इन्द्र पौंस्यम
English:- Mighty to prosper us wast thou born, and mighty is the strength thou hast.
In native power thy soul is firm: thy valour, Indra, slays a host.

तवं तम इन्द्र मर्त्यम अमित्रयन्तम अद्रिवः |
सर्वरथा शतक्रतो नि याहि शवसस पते
English:- O Śatakratu, Lord of Strength, O Indra, Caster of the Stone.
With all thy chariot's force assail the man who shows himself thy foe.

तवाम इद वर्त्रहन्तम जनासो वर्क्तबर्हिषः |
उग्रम पूर्वीषु पूर्व्यं हवन्ते वाजसातये
English:- For, Mightiest Vṛtra-slayer, thee, fierce, foremost among many, folk
Whose sacred grass is trimmed invite to battle where the spoil is won.

अस्माकम इन्द्र दुष्टरम पुरोयावानम आजिषु |
सयावानं धने-धने वाजयन्तम अवा रथम
English:- Indra, do thou protect our car that mingles foremost in the fights,
That bears its part in every fray, invincible and seeking spoil.

अस्माकम इन्द्रेहि नो रथम अवा पुरंध्या |
वयं शविष्ठ वार्यं दिवि शरवो दधीमहि दिवि सतोमम मनामहे
English:- Come to us, Indra, and protect our car with thine intelligence.
May we, O Mightiest One, obtain excellent fame at break of day, and meditate our hymn at dawn.