Book 5 >> HYMN 45 - Visvedevas

विदा दिवो विष्यन्न अद्रिम उक्थैर आयत्या उषसो अर्चिनो गुः |
अपाव्र्त वरजिनीर उत सवर गाद वि दुरो मानुषीर देव आवः
English:- . BARDS of approaching Dawn who know the heavens are come with hymns to throw the mountain open.
The Sun hath risen and oped the stable portals: the doors of men, too, hath the God thrown open.

वि सूर्यो अमतिं न शरियं साद ओर्वाद गवाम माता जानती गात |
धन्वर्णसो नद्यः खादोर्णा सथूणेव सुमिता दरंहत दयौः
English:- Sūrya hath spread his light as splendour: hither came the Cows' Mother, conscious, from the stable,
To streams that flow with biting waves to deserts; and heaven is stablished like a firm-set pillar.

अस्मा उक्थाय पर्वतस्य गर्भो महीनां जनुषे पूर्व्याय |
वि पर्वतो जिहीत साधत दयौर आविवासन्तो दसयन्त भूम
English:- This laud hath won the burden of the mountain. To aid the ancient birth of mighty waters
The mountain parted, Heaven performed his office. The worshippers were worn with constant serving.

सूक्तेभिर वो वचोभिर देवजुष्टैर इन्द्रा नव अग्नी अवसे हुवध्यै |
उक्थेभिर हि षमा कवयः सुयज्ञा आविवासन्तो मरुतो यजन्ति
English:- With hymns and God-loved words will I invoke you, Indra and Agni, to obtain your favour,
For verily sages, skilled in sacrificing, worship the Maruts and with lauds invite them.

एतो नव अद्य सुध्यो भवाम पर दुछुना मिनवामा वरीयः |
आरे दवेषांसि सनुतर दधामायाम पराञ्चो यजमानम अछ
English:- This day approach us: may our thoughts be holy, far from us let us cast away misfortune.
Let us keep those who hate us at a distance, and haste to meet the man who sacrifices.

एता धियं कर्णवामा सखायो ऽप या मातां रणुत वरजं गोः |
यया मनुर विशिशिप्रं जिगाय यया वणिग वङकुर आपा पुरीषम
English:- Come, let us carry out, O friends, the purpose wherewith the Mother threw the Cow's stall open,
That wherewith Manu conquered Visisipra, wherewith the wandering merchant gained heaven's water.

अनूनोद अत्र हस्तयतो अद्रिर आर्चन येन दश मासो नवग्वाः |
रतं यती सरमा गा अविन्दद विश्वानि सत्याङगिराश चकार
English:- Here, urged by hands, loudly hath rung the press-stone wherewith Navagvas through ten months sang praises.
Saramā went aright and found the cattle. Aṅgiras gave effect to all their labours.

विश्वे अस्या वयुषि माहिनायाः सं यद गोभिर अङगिरसो नवन्त |
उत्स आसाम परमे सधस्थ रतस्य पथा सरमा विदद गाः
English:- When at the dawning of this mighty Goddess, Aṅgirases all sang forth with the cattle,-
Their spring is in the loftiest place of meeting,-Saramā found the kine by Order's pathway.

आ सूर्यो यातु सप्ताश्वः कषेत्रं यद अस्योर्विया दीर्घयाथे |
रघुः शयेनः पतयद अन्धो अछा युवा कविर दीदयद गोषु गछन
English:- Borne by his Coursers Seven may Sūrya visit the field that spreadeth wide for his long journey.
Down on the Soma swooped the rapid Falcon. Bright was the young Sage moving mid his cattle.

आ सूर्यो अरुहच छुक्रम अर्णो ऽयुक्त यद धरितो वीतप्र्ष्ठाः |
उद्ना न नावम अनयन्त धीरा आश्र्ण्वतीर आपो अर्वाग अतिष्ठन
English:- Sūrya hath mounted to the shining ocean when he hath yoked his fair-backed Tawny Horses.
The wise have drawn him like a ship through water: the floods obedient have descended hither.

धियं वो अप्सु दधिषे सवर्षां ययातरन दश मासो नवग्वाः |
अया धिया सयाम देवगोपा अया धिया तुतुर्यामात्य अंहः
English:- I lay upon the Floods your hymn, lightwinning, wherewith Navagvas their ten months completed.
Through this our hymn may we have Gods to guard us: through this our hymn pass safe beyond affliction.